Business Blogging Meetup A Great Resource

Combine veteran business bloggers, business blogging newbies and those considering blogging with good pizza and an open forum and you have the recipe for some great sharing and blogging tips. Tonight was the 2nd meeting of the Biz Bloggers Meetup group started by blogging pro Caroline Melberg and about 16 great business people attended.

Business Blogger meetup
(photos taken with my Treo)

The mix of online experience and industries represented made for good conversation as we focused on blog content development and where to get blog post topics and ideas from. New bloggers talked about some of their early success stories and how some of their “fears” were easily overcome while blogging veterans gave pointers on strategies and creative angles to develop content. We also dipped into how to make time and properly plan your blogging.

I wanted to give some link love and attention to those in attendance. It was cool to see so many taking notes and soaking up knowledge while sharing their questions, fears or challenges. Below are some of the groups members currently business blogging, so check them out:

In addition to those blogging was the following companies there to learn more as they consider or start blogging for business including Bebe Bella Designs, Nextstep, Still Pond Shiatsu, Image In Nation, Porte-Kim Agency and Sundberg Chiropractic. Hopefully we’ll see these local businesses blogging soon. I hope I didn’t miss anyone!

Small business blogging meetup

If you’re interested, sign-up for the group and learn of the next meeting. One of the things I love about most experts in Internet marketing is their willingness to share. I also value the networking, the different viewpoints and questions of new bloggers as they are always sharing new ways to look at things.

11 thoughts on “Business Blogging Meetup A Great Resource”

  1. Hey Aaron,
    Thanks for the great write up on the meeting. Where can you go for fine company, good pizza and learning everything you ever wanted to know about blogging? The Biz Blogger Meetup!

  2. Aaron, it was great meeting you and everyone else that attended the meetup. Not only was it nice to find some new compatriots, but it was informative as well. It’s nice to spend some time in the real world with fellow bloggers, and no laptops! I’m glad I attended and will certainly be back for the next one. And, thanks for the link!
    Mitch, Daily Minneapolis Photographer

  3. @ Janet – It was great to meet you and learn about your blog and great start online.

    @ Mitch – Right on! Great to get your expertise and talents involved. Looking forward to more as well. Maybe I can elevate my lens skills to be a guest photo-blogger for Mitchster. 🙂

  4. A meeting of the blogging minds! Great info tonight…I learned a lot. Also good to network with fellow bloggers and share ideas. See everyone next month.


  5. Aaron, it was great meeting you and everyone one else that attended! The information shared was so informative as I continue to learn more and more about blogs and blogging! Thanks to all that attented and hope to see everyone next month! Aaron, thanks for the link!

  6. Hey Aaron, Thanks for a great post and linking to us! It was fun to talk with everyone about blogs. I am just starting to know enough to be dangerous.
    – Chad

  7. @ Chris- It was a good meeting. I like the fact that you are “local blogging” as well as business blogging. I have some experience with that to share with you.

    @ Melissa- We’ll see you next month and hopefully your blog will be up with a few posts under your belt!

    @ Chad- Your welcome. Maybe C-Sharp can lay down some tracks for a Five Spot theme song. 🙂

  8. Aaron…you are my new favorite Rock Star. 🙂 Can’t wait to chat further and was so great to see you! Thanks to all,it was a pleasure, looking forward to next month.

  9. Aaron – great to finally meet you in person last night – thanks for coming to the Bloggers Meet-up and for all of your great input. The photos of the Meet-up are great, thanks for taking those! See you next month!

  10. Thanks Caroline, it was nice to see you in person as well. I’m glad you took the efforts to organize this and share your expertise as well. See ya in May.

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