Does Twitter Belong On Your Business Card?

When getting new business cards to start 2008 I added my Skype ID to my listing of contact information on my business cards.  I use Skype quite a bit, it’s one more way to connect with me, so it made sense.  Now that I have been growing addicted to Twitter, I think that having my Twitter ID  on my business card would be an even better idea.

My main value in Twitter currently is networking and following other great business, web design and Internet marketing minds.  As Twitter continues to grow  in the mainstream, I hope to utilize it as a touch-point and educational tool with my clients and potential clients.  These reasons lead me to think that my next reprint of business cards later this year will have my Twitter ID on it.  (AaronWeiche)

Here is a mock-up of my current business card with my Twitter info replacing where my current Skype info is.

Business Card Front:

Business card with Twitter

Business Card Back

Business Card back web design

Are you considering adding your Twitter ID or do you already have it on your business card?  Maybe you heavily utilize another web service like Facebook, LinkedIn or an IM.  What about those?

25 thoughts on “Does Twitter Belong On Your Business Card?”

  1. Never mind considering adding Twitter to my biz card – I’m still trying to decide what micro blogging tool to use! I like the idea of adding these IDs to your business card…I think though, a good idea may be to add just a FriendFeed ID instead. This because on FriendFeed you have links to ALL of your social networking updates and accounts. Users can go to your FF page to keep updated or they can click on your individual services on your FF page to see each of the services you subscribe to and use. This would be great in case you decide to ditch Twitter but you still use FaceBook and LinkedIn.


  2. Hey Dan, great points. With FriendFeed, my thought is that Twitter seems to be better positioned for the masses to understand and use it. It is already getting traditional media attention and small business use and growing rapidly. Good luck on picking your micro blogging tool and thanks for the contribution!

  3. i’m not ready to add twitter or other social media type info to my business card yet but it’s an interesting question. maybe listing the url to a page with social ids and profiles would work.

    by the way…impressive looking b card aaron!

  4. @Chris – Thanks for your comment and compliment. I have given thought to a listings page like you suggested. Matt McGee lists all of his on his blog ‘about’ page.

    @Paul – Internet locations for you have become more important than brick and mortar. Very cool. Using your business card, both sides with good info is important. Good use to promote your blog! When I get a one sided card form someone I just think what a waste of space.

  5. I added Twitter to my biz card. I actually use it as a form of communication with certain clients from time to time. I am trying to build a culture of open communication on any platform. AKA – If you are a skype user great, Twitter user fine, whatever works let’s use. Plus being a social media marketer, I think its important to practice what you preach.

  6. Quick answer: No.

    Entering your name on Twitter…you are the only SERP result. So, finding you isn’t a problem. Would you list a Facebook profile? Nah. Twitter seems like more of a communication tool, but it’s still just a web app. Counter argument to that, “So is email.” Email hit critical mass…with everyone 50 and under. Twitter has hit critical mass for techies/web centrics. Also, you can trust email will work!

    For your particular business, having these things on your card may add a bit of credibility, but they aren’t necessary.

    If anything, you should put “Google: Aaron Weiche” on the card…it would get the card holder a lot more information and ways to connect with you. Pragmatic and sticky.

  7. @Mike – I’m in agreement. Whatever you can do to create a communication line or touch point with your market is a good idea. As a social media and online marketing guru, it’s great you offer people your Twitter info for easy contact.

  8. @Robert John Ed- Thanks for weighing in. I understand your take, but the fact that ‘getting’ to Twitter for much of my market is the bigger challenge. I’m sure they can search me from there. But, some companies or people operate with an alias, that has a different twist. It’s not a slam dunk yet.
    Currently, if you Google me, you get my past advertising firm where I blogged as well as a hobby project before you even get to Five as a search result. Of course in time this will correct itself. I guess my point is listing Twitter puts people onto an exact frequency I’m broadcasting on. That beats a collection of 10 or 20 results that I may have more invested in to one channel then another.
    Great angle and idea to consider though. It reminded me of the past Pontiac TV/Radio ads that instead of listing a web address as the call to action, instructed people to “Google Pontiac”.
    Keep your thoughts coming! Thanks.

  9. I’m in the camp of putting Twitter on business cards. I received a couple at a local conference a month or so ago and thought they looked really good. I’m following them now as well.

    Aaron, your biz card is looking slick. I need new cards. Did you do them yourselves or did you hire out to do it?

  10. Hey Paul- I’ve only seen a couple cards with it so far. Cool to know more are doing it.

    Thanks for the compliment on the card, I really like how they turned out. I roughed out the creative concept and then turned it over to the print designer that did our logo. If you want her name, let me know. She’s great.

  11. Aaron,

    I say yes include Twitter on your business card. Just make sure your Tweets are appropriate to anyone that you may hand your business card out to. I think it’s just another doorway for someone to learn about you before they pick up the phone and call you for business…

  12. i love to Twitter my day to day activities to my friends and followers. Twitter is much better than blogging because it is direct to the point and does not require you to type so many unnecessary words .

  13. I know I am late to the party. I put one URL on my business card that leads to all of the information there is about me online and one phone number. clean and simple. I sometimes end up writing my twitter name on it. by the way I follow you on twitter. I am @tboard I read your tweets and should tweet up now and then. 🙂

  14. Better late then never right? Simple is always the best approach. I’ve found that my twitter handle is an important contact item, especially with peers.

    With having a wife in RE, I know darn well who you are and you do a great job with the social web. Hope we can connect IRL sometime Teresa, thanks for commenting.

  15. Aaron,

    Great biz cards. I am definitely putting twitter on ours, looks like you we’re at the forefront of the revolution!

    You don’t happen to know what font that is on your card by any chance? I love it and want it for my own cards. 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

  16. cool biz cards. i like the design and the concept that you used which is focusing on the company that your connected. even the contact details font is so neat to look at. but adding twitter on your biz cards? i rather put my facebook account since its more complete, less spam and more interactive. 😀

  17. Kind of a “no answer fits all” question. It really depends how much you, or rather the people who receive your business card, will rely on twitter (or facebook, or fax, or any other contact method) as a means to get in touch.

    Can’t hurt though!

  18. I guess it really depends on what you use twitter for. A lot of people only use to keep up with sports, current events etc and would not want to mix that with business. But in your case it would be perfect. Maybe Linkedin would be better for some folks.

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