McWebsites: Not Where You Should Order A Website

Mc WebsitesI get the question in many meetings to compare why thousands of dollars spent with Five Technology is better than using one of the template web design options or a packaged web solution.  Of course you get what you pay for, but here is a little question I fire back.  Would you go through a drive-thru to order a website from McWebsite’s?

Yes I get a laugh, but then I also break down what I’m talking about.

Guidance, Experience & Communication
With Five or another custom web design firm, you get experienced web professionals asking questions, making recommendations and helping you understand why things should or can be done a specific way.  A McWebsite just takes the order and cares nothing for the specifics of your business, the target market, the future needs and so many other important areas to explore.  They are after the 1 Billion served. I know for a fact my clients learn how to better leverage their website, not just feel good that they have one.

A Menu Or A Solution
As the web continues to get more crowded, your competitors get a bit more savvy and consumers/clients are harder to get to, you need to stand out.  Getting a #4 value meal is going to do little to distinguish your business, provide features users need and scalability your site will grow upon.  One size does not fit all.  When you work with a web design firm you get a solution that is built around opportunities, goals and needs.  It’s built for you, for your website’s users, not to be sold 100 times over.

Gut Rot
Ever had that feeling?  A McWebsite can do this to you as you look back and realize the time lost, the leads lost, search engine position given to your competitors.  You may not have spent much upfront, but you have lost plenty of money in the mean time.

So if you are considering the quick and easy way to feed your need for a new website, consider the health of your business and make the right choice.  Say no to McWebsites.

5 thoughts on “McWebsites: Not Where You Should Order A Website”

  1. What a great post! I am ecstatic that I have decided to make the investment to get a site that truly reflects who I am, what my biz is, and the type of client I want to attract. I am learning there are so many different ways my site can work for me simply because it is unique to me.

    McWebsites? I think not: the name says it all.

  2. Very good point. I think this same idea can be extended across many industries. Part of our business is financial management (bookkeeping), and I’ll often get the comment that XYZ will keep the books for $(A lot) less. To that I say…whom would you rather be entering/reviewing/analyzing your finances — A secure company with experienced master’s level professionals that can make business recommendations, or someone with a computer that took an online bookkeeping course? Funny part is…as I’m sure is the case with you too…some businesses don’t see the increased value (upfront). And that my friend the marketing struggle of us non-McCompanies!

  3. @Janet – Great statement in the power of your site being you, to do so many things for you. It seems crazy to me, but so many companies completely undervalue their website, probably because it has always been under-delivering.

    @Dan – Building value, that is the job isn’t it? With websites, it’s hard to get people to compare the right apples to apples. I lose projects to far more oranges than apples, if you know what I mean.

  4. Okay, I love that analogy! I usually make the comparison of a web site to an automobile, simply because the long term investment is ALWAYS better than getting the quick fix. This one works just as well, though. 🙂

  5. Thanks Erika. There are a lot of fun and easy ways to make the point, custom web design is the right way. I like yours as well. Great work you guys put out, stop on back!

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