Clean & Simple Web Designs, Dashboards & The New Google Browser Chrome

Yeah, a lot going on in the title here, but I promise it’s all related and of value.

Clean & Simple Web Design
Stuart Atkinson of Bulletproof Box, a blog offering web design techniques, recently highlighted the Five Technology website as one of his 7 Fantastically Simple Web Designs. If you’ve peaked around our portfolio and read a few of our posts on web design then it’s no secret we’re fans of clean, simple and usable web design techniques. We’re proud that others appreciate and recognize our style and it’s fantastic elements. Clean and simple web design is a great way to produce results rather than confusion.

bulletproof box web design

In addition to our feature, Bulletproofbox offers some great posts on CSS and other web design resources, so you might want to check it out.

Dashboard Design
I’ve been working on some concepts for a dashboard design on a in-house project we are rolling out and I’ve learned a few things in the process. Designing a dashboard is like putting together an airplane cockpit. The user is your pilot and needs all the right controls and gauges within reach and view. Clean and simple again wins out here as you need to build a clear structure and layout for the user. Below is a sample concept of our start.

dashbaord design interface

The New Google Browser: Chrome
Obviously a lot of buzz is in the air with yesterdays leak by Google in comic book form. I, like many other net junkies are waiting to put it through the paces to see if Google Chrome is something completely new … or just a few tweaks to what we already use. I literally downloaded it while writing this post, so you can bet I”ll be giving my two cents as well as linking to others comments as they appear.

Google browser chrome

Form first glance, I think the clean and simple thing is part of Chrome’s push as well, not only in the interface, but in the inner workings.

5 thoughts on “Clean & Simple Web Designs, Dashboards & The New Google Browser Chrome”

  1. Hey Aaron, thanks for the mention!

    I’ve just been tinkering with Google Chrome too. All in all, the interface is really clean and makes really good use of the available window space, although my bookmarks showed up on the top right, which threw me right off track at first 🙂 I do like the way it steps into the background and allows a web page to shine through, however.

    I’ll definitely be investigating further…

  2. You bet Stuart. It’s fun to get to play with a new gadget/tool like Chrome and it will be great to see others weigh in on the paces they put it through. As with anything the learning curve of change is there, but we’ll see if it’s something that can grab hold. I thought it was steep for Firefox to grab 20%, I wonder if Chrome can out do that.

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