Using Twitter & Retweeting To Increase Blog Traffic

Twitter retweeting powerI recently asked the help of a few Twitter users to measure the impact that Twitter can have on promoting a blog post. Plenty of bloggers on Twitter will tweet about their own posts but I wanted to see the power of “retweeting“, when other Twitter users put out a link and suggest your blog post to their followers.

The outcome: Some simple Twitter promotion and retweeting DOUBLED my normal blog traffic for the day.

I’ve found myself referring to Twitter as broadcasting channels, no different than TV or radio. Each channel (person) has it’s own set of followers (audience). Some are shared and the sizes, interests and interaction of the audience vary.

The Blog Post To Be Retweeted
The first thing I did was create a post of solid value and interest. No, not all of my posts make this criteria. So I thought that sharing our email marketing campaign statistics would be a great post.

The Twitter Broadcast Channels
Next I hit up some folks I know on Twitter from various web and Internet marketing backgrounds, “Twitter styles” and number of followers. Accepting my request to help were Desarae Veit of Sniki, David Mihm a Portland Web Designer, Kirk Anderson a Wisconsin Web Designer and Mike Rynchek, a Minneapolis Online Marketer. I’ll break down their Twitter handles and followers at the end of this post, but these four broadcast channels and myself gave me exposure to over 2,300 followers.

The Retweeting Message
Here is a screenshot of a Twitter search of the TinyURL that was given to them to retweet my post. You can see how each of them suggested my post/link to their followers and audience.

Twitter retweeting tweets

The Blog Traffic Result
Retweeting and the Twitter broadcasting made my unique visitors double, my page views double and I gained 8 new subscribers that day. No doubt, it was a powerful promotion tool for my blog. I went into this little experiment hoping for a bit of a spike but was very pleased with what it offered up. A few of my retweeters even shared with me that their readers gave them feedback or thanked them for putting them onto my post. How cool is that?

Twitter is a great broadcast tool and traffic generator, not just a great networking tool.

The Twitter Info On Those Who Helped
Here again are those that helped me and how you can follow them on Twitter. They all put out some great tweets on web design, social media, online marketing, SEO and small business. I suggest you follow them.

Of course you can always follow me as well at .

Do you have a Twitter story to share on what it has done for your blogging traffic, web traffic or another aspect of your business? I would love to see your comments on this.

6 thoughts on “Using Twitter & Retweeting To Increase Blog Traffic”

  1. Great blog post Aaron. I’m one of your new subscribers so keep up the good work please! Love what your doing, if you need help or have questions with anything you know where to contact me.

    Best wishes,


  2. Thanks Desarae, glad to have ya. Thanks for the help in this little Twitter experiment, it obviously was a success.

  3. Hey Aaron,

    Great post and interesting experiment. It would be interesting to do a similar experiment with the intent to increase organic searches for a topic or site. Great job man, keep it up!

    It would be interesting to also perform again a similar test on Facebook or even perhaps Plurk. Cheers!


  4. Mike- I would be happy thinking up, creating and executing different SM, search and any other media studies all day long. I just don’t have the time but it’s awesome to see what they can or can’t do. Thanks again for taking part.

  5. I love Twitter. I keep in touch with my IM buddies all day. Whenever I get an idea or need a favor/review/comment, I just tweet and get instant feedback. It’s a great tool.

    TomG. – Blog Flipping Fool 😀

  6. Hey Aaron,

    I’ve had a twitter account for around six months but didn’t really start using it until about two weeks ago.

    I’ve now got around 800 followers and I agree it makes a big difference to increasing the traffic to my blog.

    Your article is invaluable to those unfamiliar with Twitter and seeking to drive traffic to their blogs.

    Every good wish for 2009 🙂


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