Internet Video & Mobile Video Scores A Touchdown

It’s fun to see glimpses of where things are heading for how we consume video.  Last night was a reminder of this for me.  The Thursday night NFL game was only on the NFL Network and as a cable subscriber I was out of luck to watch it.  But where TV failed me, the Internet and my phone came to the rescue.

Internet video mobiel video NFL

I was able to watch the Broncos come back on the Browns for a victory online as well as my phone.  Just a fun glimpse into the future of more media consumption online and mobile … with the TV fading away.  Think it won’t?

The only bad news was that Broncos QB Jake Cutler had a monster night in Fantasy Football … and of course I’m playing the team in my league that has him at QB.

Do you have anything to share on your transition to web or mobile from the tube?

2 thoughts on “Internet Video & Mobile Video Scores A Touchdown”

  1. Sprint has a deal with the NFL so it’s a free download of an App for my Treo phone. I get video streamed of the NFL Network games and then access to radio/audio broadcasts of the regular schedule. The cool audio feature is that I can choose which teams broadcast team I want to hear.

    Thanks for commenting Don!

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