A Small Business Twitter Marketing Example

Thanks to @pancheros on Twitter for putting this Twitter marketing story in front of me. (There are more benefits than you know to following a burrito tweeter.)

Twitter cakesThe Cedar Rapids, IA Gazette has a nice little write-up on a small restaurant using Twitter. Riley’s Cafe started using Twitter recently and implemented a “Twitter Tuesday” special. So far they have seen both foot traffic in the door as well as local buzz from it. Very cool.

Their first Twitter Tuesday offer was 25% off the entire bill.

You can follow Rileys on Twitter, I did: @RileysCafe

It’s also interesting to note that Riley’s doesn’t even have a website. They jumped right to social media and are using it to drive direct business, not just website or blog traffic.

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  1. Thanks for posting the story, Aaron! It’s great to know that Twitter users are excited about finding local businesses on the network and are starting conversations.

    I’ve been able to get some good conversations going with followers of the @pancheros account for Panchero’s Mexican Grill, and there is a lot of valuable feedback to be had. We’re hoping to get some Twitter-follower-only perks out soon! Props to Riley’s for taking this step.

    Joel Johnson
    Social Media Manager
    Panchero’s Mexican Grill
    @oscarhamson on Twitter

  2. Hey Joel- Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I love finding these marketing examples and uses from the small biz world. Glad you put me onto it. It’s also cool to see Pancheros embracing SM and Twitter. I”m looking forward to following you.

  3. Nice examples – and interesting how Riley’s have leapfrogged website/email straight to easy twitter.

    I’m seeing some businesses do the same with texting rather than email – 140 characters is all their heads can manage.

  4. Hi Ken. In talking with Rileys (on Twitter) I would say that they skipped a website and went straight for Twitter because it was free. It is a very interesting jump though.

    I would say that a restaurant not having even the simplest of websites is not a good thing. I could present about 20 different scenarios where you can gain business and not loose it by answering some basic questions/interests online.

    Thanks for stopping by Ken!

  5. Great to see local business getting some Twitter mileage. This is encouraging. The stuff that works on Twitter continues to surprise me.

    No doubt, any small business can benefit from a web site. And using Twitter to drive traffic to a web site definitely works great.

    But I’m laughing a bit. I wouldn’t have considered using Twitter as the free web presence for a local business on a tight budget.

    Thanks for more Twitter ideas ….


  6. A couple of local businesses in my neighborhood have started a coffee shop Twitter war. It’s a great idea for small businesses to boost their marketing efforts with campaigns that generate buzz like this.

  7. Overall, Twitter can be used as a marketing tool if done correctly. Using twitter as a marketing tool is a subject of much argumentation in the marketing world. I have study many articles in favor of this technique and equally as many against it. 

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