Our Internet Marketing Seminar Was A Success

On Tuesday, January 20th I had the opportunity to present a 3 hour Internet Marketing seminar on Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing to a great group of attendees in Buffalo, Minnesota. Here is a short summary video with some of the slides (77 slides in total!), photos from the event and a video clip.

Internet Marketing Seminar – Five Technology from Five Technology on Vimeo.

The majority of the seminar was focused on the basics of SEO and the concept of building trust within your website and it’s content/pages. We covered a lot of ground, answered many questions and even reviewed some of the attendee’s websites to offer up suggestions.



I personally had a blast with everyone and learned a lot in preparing a 3 hour seminar and presenting it. I think that everyone there walked away with some great takeaways and tips no matter their level of understanding coming in. I met a lot of really cool people too. Thanks everyone!

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