Just One Website, Which One?

website-only-oneIf you could only visit one website for the rest of the year, or just use one website the rest of your life, what website would it be?

This interesting question came from my wife this weekend as she exclaimed her love for AllRecipes.com. She commented that if she could only visit one website, it would be AllRecipes.com for all of the cooking ideas she gets from it.

This question really got me thinking about the value a website can have. That value is it’s content. Do you have the kind of value to be the only site a person would visit in your industry?

So how about you? If restricted to just one website, which one would it be? A news website? A sports website? A resource website?

Please comment and share your one website you can’t live without. Search engines don’t qualify so please don’t answer Google. If you want you can break down a site for each category or news, life, work.

My one website: I guess I would go with USAtoday.com

I look forward to your comments!

18 thoughts on “Just One Website, Which One?”

  1. I would have to go with ESPN, I love sports but at the same time the functionality and layout on their website is very trendy.

    March madness is right around the corner baby (Dicky V)!

  2. Nice. ESPN.com was in my final 3, but I couldn’t do away with a news & business/tech source. NYtimes.com was my other finalist. I can’t wait for the NCAA tourney, especially if the Gophers can turn it around and get in there.

  3. Is iGoogle cheating? I can get my email, calendar, news, weather, horoscope, and more, all in one place. Plus I can always add new widgets to add even more functionality to the site (and the custom themes look nice too).

  4. Yeah, that’s cheating. Shame on you. I guess anything that is a collection tool, aggregator (RSS reader) or the like is excluded. Nice try Jon.

  5. (Assuming Twitter is excluded)

    Before this year I would have gone with kenpom.com, which presented the RPI for college hoops in a super easy-to-digest, and sortable, format. But this year he’s only showing his own rankings which are kind of irrelevant.

    I suppose I’d probably go with NYTimes.com, and in particular, their opinion section.

  6. I have to go with Amazon.com. I can get access to other info in books, periodicals, etc. AND I can shop for just about anything I might want – music, clothing, shoes, electronics. I like all the options I get with Amazon – and they personalize recommendations for me too.

  7. @David – Twitter would be acceptable, but with my rules here you wouldn’t be able to click and go to any of the links people are sharing. More NCAA Hoops chatter. I agree with your NYtimes choice, it was my runner-up.

    @Anna – The recession needs you! Buy, buy, buy! I didn’t think a shopping site would be one. Interesting.

  8. I love AllRecipes too! But my just one would be facebook. That’s where I keep in touch with the real live people that I care about, including friends, co-workers, members of the church, and family overseas.

  9. @Teresa – Thanks for the comment. Good to see a niche interest site in the mix!

    @Angela – I’ll let my wife know AllRecipes ranks high for others too. I was waiting for a FB vote. Staying connected ranks highly for many.

  10. I would have to say http://www.nylx.com/. Mortgages Unlimited has a pricing engine through this website, and I use it everyday. It allows me to compare lender rates against each other in about 10 seconds vs. logging onto 10 different lender sites and uploading all the pertinent customer information to come up with that customer’s particular rate. I know it’s not as glamorous as ESPN or Ebay, but I would have a tough time without it, now that I have it.

  11. I hate to say it, but my choice would be Facebook too. I’ve been on Facebook for five years and we have a very serious relationship. And I’ve never been big on break-ups.

  12. @Liz – You and Facebook look so good together, I’d hate to see you split too. Just remember that forever is a mighty long time .

  13. @Michelle – Yes, it seems the loss of Twitter would seriously damage your marriage. Choosing Twitter for the good of love eternal is a great vote. I’m sure Nathan is tearing up. Thanks for weighing in!

  14. Hi Heather. Not surprised to see CNN.com but your runner-up throws me for a loop. 🙂 Thanks for weighing in!

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