The Fight For Attention, New Online Advertising Explodes

On visiting the other night the main homepage ad caught my eye more than normal. How couldn’t it? The rich media ad for the iPod Touch made the ESPN website explode.


As a recent Washington Post article pointed out, online advertisers are hoping that bigger and bolder ads can save display and banner advertising. There was no doubt I couldn’t miss the Apple ad as the iPod Touch device jumped out of the ad frame and exploded the ESPN main navigation bar into pieces. In fact I refreshed it twice just to see it again. Mission accomplished for Apple this time.

Brands are working hard these days to get noticed online and also putting some new twists out there as well. Obviously the Skittles social media twist gained big attention and buzz over the past few weeks. It will also be interesting to see how far new, edgy and different can go before pushing users away too.

Let me know if you have seen an ad or concept online lately that jumps from the norm, looking to grab more attention.

7 thoughts on “The Fight For Attention, New Online Advertising Explodes”

  1. I think many of the more intrusive ad formats could be avoided if publishers simply treated advertisers with respect. For example, advertisers get screwed when publishers auto-refresh their pages. Ads are displayed that no one sees. The ads aren’t broken: it’s the publisher’s behavior that’s broken.

  2. Thanks Ed for the comment. You raise a good point. Seems that when the rules of engagement are abused, it casues a bit of gorilla warfare by the advertiser. I wonder if this can be held in check though?

  3. I agree with Ed. Although the first exposure of this ad may have effectively caught your attention, it was the technology that appealed to you, not the product. The novelty will quickly wear off and this technique will soon become another intrusive attempt to get the attention of visitors.
    NOTE: The louder you shout, the more likely I am to tune you out.

    In a related story, I saw where Visa is using banner ads in an interesting way. Their “Go” campaign is more likely to be a success. “The campaign also includes media banĀ­ner ads with live video feeds of people using their cards in six major cities around the world, including Buenos Aires and Ho Chi Minh City. Other banner ads will use Google Maps functionality to deliver local merchant recommendations based on user preference and time of day.”

    There is no question that banner ads are going through an evolution phase and it will be interesting to see how creative internet marketers can get with them.

  4. I check several times a day because it’s my homepage and those ads really annoy me. Yes they grab my attention and rarely if ever do I purposely click on the ad. It fustrates me that I have to wait for the ad to finish its loop sometimes before I can even click on a ‘close’ icon just to see the ‘soccer’ navi button.

    I also dislike websites that underline keywords that when you browse over them with your mouse, an ad box pops up. It really turns me off to the site.

    I did just read an article RTed from @i612 about 25+ OPA sites to launch three new sized graphical ad displays – .

  5. @Kevin – Spot on with your note in your comment. The VISA campaign sounds very interesting. I can’t wait to see and read more about it. Are you planning on posting on it?

    @Cory- It sure is a fine line of attention and irritation isn’t it? I’m with you on the underline text ads. As a site owner, you really want to “fool” an average user? Thanks for the comment and link, I’m headed to check that out!

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