A Look At Our Minnesota Web Design Office

In our industry we often hide behind browsers, Internet connections, email and our web designs.  Just where are these web design experts working everyday?  So here is a look at our office space.  We moved into another section of our 100 year old building this winter as we found a renter for our old space.  It still needs some TLC, but you get the picture.


mn web design office

five-web-design-office firm

mn web design examples





The last photo is of our 1950’s Philco refrigerator.  It’s where we keep our web designs and ideas cool until we need them.

6 thoughts on “A Look At Our Minnesota Web Design Office”

  1. Thanks Shawn, it’s a fun and unique space for sure. I should dig out and add some of the historic photos too from it’s days as a printing shop for the railroad we sit next to.

  2. Thanks Chris. Glad you noticed the baseball bat … we take more than a few cuts every day with it. It’s a part of every project and day!

  3. I was wondering about your 1950s philco. I was wondering if you still have it and if you have any more photos. I am looking for a 1950 Philco that looks alot like the one you have. I am looking for all of the interior door shelves and butter door. Thank you

  4. wow, nice office. the less cubicles that you have in your creates an atmosphere of having an open door policy. the office settings also invites communication which really is fascinating.

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