What Is Holding Your Company Back From Internet Marketing?

internet marketingTwo things happened last week that had me thinking about Internet marketing and the opportunity for success a business has with it. It also made me think about why companies seem to be held back from exploiting the benefits of marketing online.

Number One: Who’s The Crazy One?
The first was reading a great Internet marketing article from Andrew Eklund on MinnesotaBusiness.com.  The article easily outlined why Internet marketing is a dream (and reality) for any marketing team/person.  Eklund had some great points that anyone could understand and my biggest takeaways were:

1.  Reworking old and tired traditional marketing is not the answer.

2.  Ignoring the medium (Internet) where prospects are, customers are and that allows for complete tracking of your marketing to sale process is plain crazy.

3.  Internet marketing is not risky, not marketing online is risky.

Give the article a read and you’ll hopefully find a spark to push yourself into investing more time and strategy into leveraging the great benefits of Internet marketing. You’re crazy not too.

Number Two: Ignorance Is Bliss? No.
The second thing that happened was a scenario that unfolded in my email inbox.  I received an email from a business development person I know that contained their newsletter in a PDF attachment.  I froze.  They had a great email subject headline on a topic that I wanted information on but … they would never know that.

I couldn’t believe that the company would ignore the fantastic benefits of email marketing after all that hard work.  They put together a well designed PDF, it had compelling and educating content … yet it was only doing half of its job.  It wasn’t going to clue the business in on its relevance, performance and its outcome.

If they had sent this information via an email marketing program they would have gained these valuable marketing benefits:

1.  Who opened their email newsletter

1b.  Better yet, they would have reduced effort (clicks & time) to get to the goods

2.  What links users clicked on to get more info or take action

3.  The ability to fully track users from email to website to conversion

4.  They can still include the PDF version AND see who downloaded that

This marketing campaign could have been so much more.  Don’t just go half way, take advantage of the simple opportunity to get everything you want from your marketing efforts.

So to get to my title question, what is holding your company back from Internet marketing?  As Ecklund’s article pointed out, it offers accountability, sustained progress, sales, leads, return-on-investment, and deep business intelligence.  Let’s add to that affordability too.  Email marketing is an extremely low cost.  Consider though, at any price, the ability to track and measure makes any number realistic when you know what it produced.

So get rid of your fear (or ignorance), make the move, take the right steps, ask questions, get answers and find the ways Internet marketing can improve your business.  There are many.

5 thoughts on “What Is Holding Your Company Back From Internet Marketing?”

  1. Aaron,

    Nice blog! You’re hitting some very solid points.

    My two cents:

    Part of why people/companies are not visible online may be due to not knowing their customers. To think that their customer is only offline is an ignorant thought.

    It is also due to a lack of knowledge of what you can do online. It is our job to pursue, educate, and prove that the online marketplace is where they should also be.

    Email marketing is something I am new to and still learning about. One of the benefits of email marketing, along with anything online, is the trackability. That might be the the selling point for businesses to get online that needs to be emphasized.

  2. Thanks Jason. It does amaze me how many companies I speak with start tightly defining “where” the customers are and why they feel that it isn’t online. I hear a lot of the niche examples … “we have a very small target that all knows each other”. Why in the world wouldn’t you want to have the best niche website/marketing out there then? Don’t assume for one second there aren’t new players or research going on via the web. Crazy.

    Right on with the education end of things. I see the light bulb go on for many organizations when we start talking TRACKABILITY. Might be the greatest non-word word.

    Many org’s have associated email marketing and spam … and once you show them the true value and advantage when used correctly, it’s a whole new ballgame.

  3. Aaron,

    Good website. Check out my companies new website. Putting a new website was a huge undertaking for the group. Any feedback will be appreciated.

    Paul Keprios

  4. Great post! Fear of failure seems to be a likely cause of laziness, and inaction. Internet marketing comes down to testing and getting your hands dirty, but the beauty of it is that every failure is contributing greatly to your overall success, provided you persist effectively. It’s already been proven to work for many people, including Obama, and even the neighbor across the street, it can surely work for you too, but youve gotta take action and stop being a sponge all the time 🙂

  5. So many companies deal with the fear of failure and the fear of the unknown when it comes to Internet marketing. And, unfortunately, this can really kill a business. You’ve done a great job of summing it all up here.

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