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Apr 26 / You’re A Small Business, Why Be On Twitter? 100 Reasons.

by Five Technology

You can’t interact with any form of media these days and not hear about Twitter.  TV, radio, print, web, mobile and face-to-face networking are all jumping in. Big traditional media, big business, big stars, big sports … all on Twitter.


But you, you’re not big.   You’re a small business and while you’re interested in tools and strategies to grow your business, you don’t know how to evaluate the Twitter buzz.  It looks like a time waster, meaningless chatter and something that falls to #524 of what you have to accomplish in your day.

You might want to reconsider. I could list out my 100 reasons a small business should get involved with Twitter, but I think having 100 different voices (comments) would be better.

So I’m putting it out to the Twitter community in the attempt to gather a total of 100 reasons or more to be on Twitter as a small business. Give me yours, leave your Twitter ID too (I’ll link it for you), and lets help those on the fence decide and all of us learn a new thing or two on the benefits of Twitter.

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66 Responses to “You’re A Small Business, Why Be On Twitter? 100 Reasons.”

  1. Aaron Weiche Says:

    1. To Listen: So many great people, great companies, great minds on Twitter. I can listen to the ones I see value in. @AaronWeiche

  2. Aaron Says:

    2. People may already be talking about your brand on Twitter. If not, they will be. Be a part of that conversation. @s4xton

  3. Jason Says:

    3. To engage with their customers and community of followers. @jjbuss

  4. Amybeth Says:

    4. To reach new audiences, and to build into relationships with existing audiences. @researchgoddess

  5. Dave Mott Says:

    5. Because a new generation of social media users is available on Twitter, and they’re actively engaged. @DaveMott

  6. Lee Odden Says:

    6. Crowdsourcing
    - Research & engage journalists
    - Research & engage prospective clients
    - Research & engage candidates for hire
    - Research & engage vendors or consultants to outsource to
    - Research & monitor competition
    - Create content for search reputation management
    - Distribution channel for your content
    - Generate goodwill in your industry community

  7. Ruth Says:

    7. To build relationships and credibility far beyond our local reach. @ruthsias

  8. SoTravelNow Says:

    8. Great opportunity to network with other experts in your area of expertise and potential customers around the globe. Great opportunity to build brand recognition and engage in internet marketing and branding best of all for free. Great way to learn and communicate effective communication and ideas for the small business owner. Great way to determine market trending and customer niche’s based on consumer driven feedback and industry trending advise. @sotravelnow

  9. Travis Scott Says:

    9. To narrow the gap between your expectations of your service/product and the expectations of your customers. @RainierDigital

  10. Dick Rosen Says:

    10. In a small amount of time I have met some fantastic people within my industry. I have learned from them and hopefully they have gotten some value from me as well. I now have business associates in several parts of this country that help me and my business.

  11. Matthew Says:

    11. Listen to your audience, your customers, fans, detractors, competitors. Join the conversation, communicate, engage, build relationships. @feldmanmatthew

  12. james Says:

    12. Here’s the deal: your business is a treasure trove of ‘internal assets’ not yet revealed to the world – how to buy a shirt, make a cocktail, what are the hot wines of the month, etc etc. you have a TON of information to dispense out there. TWITTER is just ONE tool for you to get the word out and “engage” others around and with your business. you run a restaurant. You have so many cool things to discuss its ridiculous. quit posting menu items – do that sporadically…i want to hear about your area of business, your favorite wines and purveyors, why one server is better than another, what is this climate like to do business in, etc. Have a twitter account, have a blog for longer posts, flickr for photos and grab an hdflip to shoot some video and have some fun.

  13. Missy (from Twitter T-shirts Blog) Says:

    13. You can “outsource” the task (a/k/a twittering) to a younger net savvy employee.


  14. Steve Fallon Says:

    14. To give a great tips to your followers. Relevancy is the key to getting and keeping a great following community. @bizweb

  15. Adam Says:

    15. If you don’t do it, what happens if/when your competition does ? This is one more “touch point” to interact with your customers, potential customers and general public. Would you walk away from any other “real world” opportunity to gain more customers, improve your business and gain valuable feedback?


  16. Jeffrey Rosan Says:

    16. Notify clients of tax law updates, so they can stay abreast of numerous changes that they can benefit from.

  17. MN Headhunter | Paul DeBettignies Says:

    Hey Aaron, I missed the Gopher spring game, did you go? 138 days, 18 hours, 20 minutes to kickoff in the new stadium. Go Gophers!!!

    To the topic (and thanks for doing this):

    - Monitor industry news, conversations, topics
    - Interact with my local/national Recruiter/HR and local Social Media/Marketing/IT friends at the same time
    - Learn daily from someone and/or a link that is posted
    - Introduce my friends to each other
    - Find out about upcoming events
    - Levels the playing field between large search firms and me
    - Find clients, candidates and referrals
    - Access to people I might not otherwise have
    - Subtly promote my business, blog, speaking and volunteer activities
    - Networking (‘nuff said)

    17. Most important, the relationships I have developed are priceless.


  18. Eric Downs Says:

    18. Twitter has been a great way for me to see what my fellow designers are up to in the way of work. Also as an independent designer it gives me a feeling of almost virtual co-working since I can see what others are doing throughout the day.

  19. Jeff Wagner Says:

    19. To be able to share design and development ideas and resources to make the content/look & feel of the web that much better. I love pushing new ideas to my followers and I thank them for great tweets they send me.


  20. Sara Schluter Says:

    20. It has really been a resource to tap into what our specific industry wants and is looking for. It allows us to sit back and listen to all the voices.


  21. David Mihm Says:

    21. Because it’s way easier than trying to develop a power account on a social media portal, and you’re actually creating REAL friendships via networking @davidmihm

  22. Liz Says:

    22. Awareness. Especially for small companies, it’s often difficult to allocate a large budget for marketing. Twitter is a cost effective way of getting the word out about your business directly to customers.

  23. EasiWay Systems Says:

    23. It works great as a service tool. Users of our commercial screen printing cleaning products or people who are considering using our products can get great, quick feedback directly from our source.


  24. Janet Roper Says:

    24. Building relationships, connections & conversations, & education on animal communication. ‘Sides that, it’s fun! @janetroper

  25. Scott Baird Says:

    25. It’s a great “component” of an SEO campaign, warm lead generator, brand reputation management tool, targeted and un-targeted lead generator, brand awareness tool, and community management tool.


  26. Nathan T. Wright Says:

    26. To build a reputation network which can lead to new business (and media) opportunities. Being engaged in Twitter has yielded both of these for our company!


  27. paul jahn Says:

    27. On both a personal and professional level, networking is probably toward the top of my list. Thanks to Twitter, I’ve met a ton of local people who are in the interactive marketing industry in some form that I normally wouldn’t know


  28. Jenny DeVaughn Says:

    28. To share best practices, learn from others by listening and to truly get to know your target market from each tweet. It is amazing what great opportunities and relationships you can create in 140 characters of text.


  29. Chris Dohman Says:

    29. Learning directly from the best and the brightest in any field or industry couldn’t be easier.

    30. Take advantage of Twitter’s advanced search. You can locate the best and the brightest authority figures in your field, industry and/or location of choice. You can filter down on any niche topic, market, service, geolocation, person, business or product you would like to learn about or connect with.

    31. Twitter provides a simple, unintrusive, opt-in, and direct method to communicate with current & potential customers/clients as well as meeting & networking with colleagues.

    32. Even casual Twitter following and searching can spark ideas for you and your business.

    33. Twitter is a great way to develop an initial level of trust with others by letting them into your world and sharing the thoughts behind your brand.


  30. Mike Rynchek Says:

    Answer: Because even though I was playing hockey at the time, I still received your message about this post. Very cool! Ok, real answer.

    34. Revolutionize the way people think about business and marketing – Pretty cool to watch and also participate in a evolving business model utilizing social media. We have developed marketing models using social media that people have never dreamed or thought possible. Very cool to be a part of that! Some other people to watch @comcastcares, @Zappos and of course @AaronWeiche.

    Another should be sharing the wealth of others ideas and creativity but I will save that for someone else.

    Great post Aaron.


  31. Anna Slyter Says:

    35. To introduce new products to the marketplace…especially for ecommerce websites. You can generate a lot of excitement in a short amount of time.


  32. Mike Billeter Says:

    36. A major component of your small business is most likely the personal, one-on-one relationships you form with customers. With Twitter, customers can be “in your store” and a part of your culture no matter where they are in the physical world.


  33. Anna Slyter Says:

    37. To get a feel for what your customers want to know more about…great way to generate ideas for articles, site copy, blog posts.


  34. Douglas Karr Says:

    38. It’s permission-based! This isn’t SPAM or any type of interactive marketing… when someone ‘follows’ you, it means that they already have some sort of intent in building a relationship with you.

    That’s gold!
    Doug – @douglaskarr

  35. JNFerree Says:

    39. Had it not been for one of my Twitter followers, I doubt I would have discovered Malibu based gibLink which is probably one of the best SME biz models I’ve come across this year!

  36. Jim Spencer Says:

    40. Compare Twitter to email. The objective in email is to delete as many messages as possible, right? On Twitter the objective seems to be to read as many messages as possible. Very different level of intent and engagement.

    Twitter is the new water cooler or recess for some.

    From a marketing standpoint Twitter is not an interruption style message. You can Tweet on your mobile while standing in line. Your followers can read when it is convenient for them.

    The under 20 folks don’t use email anymore, they use Facebook. Use Twitter to keep up with the times and stay current on how we communicate. Not to mention the fastest breaking news on the planet is found on Twitter.

    Plus, Twitter is fun.

  37. Jason Rysavy Says:

    41. Because Oprah is on twitter. Shouldn’t we all be then?

  38. Aaron Weiche Says:

    While I’m tempted to delete your comment Jason, I appreciate your participation. :) Not all 100 can be perfect right? But somewhere in that comment, is a big piece of value. I know it.

  39. Jason Rysavy Says:

    You may be right…but I still think it’s very valid. Look at her book club…if Oprah reads it, suddenly it’s a best seller. Now that she’s on Twitter, you better get on there quick!

  40. Keith Says:

    42. Not advocating Twitter spam (oh, it’s coming), but competitively it provides a great tool to actively engage consumers dissatisfied with your competitors products/services. 

    There’s some extreme value in being able to instantly reach out and offer assistance to someone who just got yet another stained shirt back from a local drycleaner or had yet another package delivered late by your competitor.  It will be a fine line to walk, but one that if done well could be a contributor to any businesses bottom line.

  41. Rachel Nelson Says:

    42. It’s a free tool with global reach! You’ll need to invest in manpower to monitor and contribute, that’s not free, but you get the idea.


  42. Michael D Says:

    43. Level the Playing Field: Twitter provides terrific access to many great minds. You can choose to simply follow and learn about what they have to say, or engage in discussion, increasing the possibility that someone (potentially with great ability to move your business to a new level) will find what you do interesting. That someone could be a newspaper reporter, A List blogger, elected official, outspoken celebrity, search marketing expert, etc… There’s many possibilities, go make it a reality.

  43. Chris Bennett Says:

    44. It is not a fad, it is not going away. Embrace or be replaced. It is more than networking thanks to Twitter Search.


  44. Jason Douglas Says:

    45. Monitor your competition. Not only should you be monitoring your own reputation, but the reputation of others as well. Find out what is working, or what isn’t, and improve on that.

    46. Giveaways/incentives. People love free stuff. People on twitter that are following & talking about your brand are going to be highly involved. You will want to encourage them to continue their brand loyalty. Those that are not aware of your brand/product will be attracted to the giveaways, win, try the product/service, and love it. Just that simple, right? (I wish).


  45. Missy (from Twitter Tshirt Blog) Says:

    47. Twitter is a fantastic tool for promoting your business giveaways and contests.

    We peeps love a good (but easy) giveaway. Give it to us!

  46. mobile_drew Says:

    49. Be gentle when using Twitter. It’s one more spoke in your communication channel. Followers catch on real quick when a business uses it for self-promotion, couponing or “look at me” advertising. Twitter is a social tool–that means two way conversations on mutual subjects of interest(personal & professional). That’s how relationships are eventually built. If people are subsequently interested in your business or area of expertise, they’ll let YOU know. It’s not meant to market your product/service, although it’s gaining popularity for exactly that. It businesses and advertisers aren’t careful, the whole thing could backfire on them–then you loose followers or they start trash-talking. Walk softly….


  47. Cory Bolton Says:

    50. Twitter allows you to monitor your customers (or potential customers) in their environment. There is a fine line but it’s also a great tool to reach out/interact with them too. The goal shouldn’t be to directly sell to them but show them how you can help them. No one likes a salesman (intrusive & spammy) but if you can provide something of value (advice, new ideas, news, etc.), people will listen and those people might just become customers or at least become an advocate for your company. Marketing is all about relationships and I think Twitter definitely allows a small business the opportunity to develop relationships that you otherwise wouldn’t normally get a chance have or find.

    51. Lastly, you’re on an even playing field with the big guys — meaning companies. I may not be able to buy TV spots or Sunday newspaper ads like Target but I can be just as effective (if not more) as them on Twitter!

  48. Patricia Kaehler Says:

    52. I am really enjoying Twitter… I should add up the Domain Sales it’s provided me in just the past 120 days… it’s AMAZING the usefulness that Twitter provides…
    (for everyone)…

    ~Patricia Kaehler @DomainBELL

  49. Brad Says:

    I don’t actually tweet myself (yet), but the stats are staggering. According to a blog at TechCrunch, Twitter increased from 9.8 million users to 19.1 million users during last March. So it looks like it’s in it’s primary growth stage as we talk right now.

    53. Why not be there from the start! It’s an easier, more direct way to communicate with an audience than Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn.

  50. DavidW Says:

    Hmmm… because some social media marketer told you it’s a must for your business?

    Like it or not folks twitter is overrun with marketing types screaming about how great Twitter is for small businesses. The reality is Twitter is so far from being important to 99% of all small business marketing plans it shouldn’t even be on the table yet. It may get there, but for the next six months to a year most small businesses do not need to worry if they should be on twitter.

  51. Philip Finlay-Bryan Says:

    54. Twitter is a great testing ground. I have done a lot of work on my site in the past week. A twitter buddy looked at it and gave me some feedback. I have a twitter feed on my site and on my blog. What a great way to keep things minty fresh and updated hourly!I have found so many massive resources on twitter – that’s in 2 weeks of use! I have a account that tracks for me and a @techcrunch plug in giving me database access to most common keywords in the world. Love it

  52. Aaron Weiche Says:

    DavidW- Thanks for the comment. While Twitter will have various levels of importance, impact and value for different types of small businesses … it’s benefits are there. A “must” it isn’t. A great tool when utilized correctly for sure though.

    My reality is that I have closed significant new business from Twitter and gained incredible value. Thanks for weighing in.

  53. Jason Sandquist Says:

    55. One of the best things is meeting in IRL (in real life), getting out and engaging others around the community. Twitter has really taken on a life of it’s own.


  54. @coopsonelectric Says:

    56. Reach your local market, interact with customers, provide a voyeuristic view into your daily life at work to show integrity, quality, and knowledge in your field. Although its only 140 characters, it can drive people to your website which is the main platform for your message.


  55. Travis Neiderhiser Says:

    57. A great recruiting tool for businesses looking for a specific skill or education in a candidate.

    Heck, sports recruiters are signing up fake myspace profiles as beautiful women to see how future players will react given “certain” situations. Follow them on twitter and in 30 seconds you’ll see exactly how they think and interact with other people.


  56. Char Says:

    58. Twitter has become the perfect bridge between email, networking IRL and websites. It is a great way to communicate on more than one level with friends, customers, and fans.


  57. Melissa Aune Says:

    59. I love having a quick way to access interesting information shared by others that I can utilize in my own best practices. Working for a non-profit, it is an outstanding way to share information about our company with no cost involved outside of a small time commitment!


  58. Joe Elias Says:

    60. Its one more way to show that you’re relevant to your customers in ways that the “big boys” may never get right. While they’re linking to press releases about their bottom line, you’re out there reminding folks that yes, you still have lunch at Maury’s Diner on Tuesday, and yes, it is still the best cheese steak in town. Sometimes, the best marketing is simply reminding your customers that you’re just like them.


  59. Caroline Melberg Says:

    61. Marketing is no longer just communication, it’s a conversation. Twitter allows me to stay top-of-mind with potential clients who then think of me when the time is right. By adding value, I can establish my expertise while building a relationship. People do business with people they like.

    62. Twitter’s search functionality allows me to find new friends and potential clients who share similar interests as me – it is the ultimate target marketing tool, and offers unprecedented ability for a small business owner to perform focus group research previously unattainable on a small business budget.


  60. Roy Kuruvila Says:

    63. To connect with new business models and people.Also able to spread the news about our own business.


  61. Active Noise Cancellation Says:

    64. Show your customers you are just as human as they are. (Attach a human personality with your company.)

  62. Matt Says:

    65. Twitter is a great way to reach and interact with your mobile audience.

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