It’s About Contact, Twitter Is On My Business Card

It was over a year ago when I posted on if I should put my Twitter handle on my business cards.  I finally needed a reprinting of my business cards and my Twitter address, @AaronWeiche has been added.


Twitter is a valuable communication tool for me, the same as email or phone with many people. It has far more value on my business card then our fax number or my Skype ID.  If you want to contact me, Twitter works just as well as any other method.

Do you have Twitter on your business card? Send a photo my way and I’ll post it.

Do you have other social media on your business card?  Facebook?

5 thoughts on “It’s About Contact, Twitter Is On My Business Card”

  1. We don’t use business cards much, but I’ve added facebook & twitter links to our online staff contact info ( ).

    I frequently wonder why we continue to put our fax number on anything. Inbound faxes here seem to be one of two types – unsolicited junk, or preceded by a phone call anyway.

  2. I’ve never considered Twitter to be a valuable communication tool for me. It’s fun to use, but it isn’t crucial to get our websites found or to communicate with clients. So personally, I wouldn’t put my Twitter account on my business card, but of course some rely on Twitter more than others.

  3. @ Bang – Thanks for the comment. Crucial is a pretty steep word, so no, Twitter may not be crucial. But when used right, it’s value can be high.

    @ Angela – Fax numbers, RIP.

  4. I’ve not found much use for twitter, I have tried, but nobody seems to be jumping on the bangwagon in Northern England, it just seems to be full of spam

  5. I haven’t tried twitter for the business yet, and plan to create a facebook page for the business today- perhaps it will be printed on the next business card.

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