Small Business Wins Big With Local University

I had the pleasure of attending the first Local University put on by in Spokane, Washington on February 4th, 2010.  This one day event, provided a fantastic amount of local search, SEO, social media and other Internet marketing information to over 150 attendees looking to have a better grasp on how they can be more visible online.


Organized by co-founder David Mihm, the seminar featured a great line-up of experienced Internet marketers as well as Google and Bing representatives.  The Local University seminar will be heading out to other cities in 2010, bringing a fantastic wealth of information for any business or organization looking to improve their online marketing knowledge.

In just a 4 hour session, attendees took part in detailed presentations, real world case studies, Q & A sessions, how-to’s, do-it-yourself tips, resources and more.  Overall it was some incredible search, social and local/maps information, from talented presenters, all for $129. A complete steal to get a ton of  basics, the best practices and the baseline to market online.


The panel of speakers form left to right were Mikko Ollila of Bing, Ryan Hayward of Google, Matt McGee of Small Business SEM, Mike Blumenthal a local search expert, David Mihm of and Mary Bowling of seOverflow. Not pictured above was Spokane SEO expert Ed Reese.

Local University is a must for any business that wants real answers, real examples and access to grasp the opportunity to succeed online.

In addition to attending the seminar it was a chance for me to finally connect in person with other search marketers I have read, done business with and interacted with for some time.  I had a great time meeting a few new ones too like Mary Bowling, Mike Blumenthal (aka Professor Maps) and Mike Ramsey as the presenters took in dinner the night before.


Minneapolis In The Local University Future?
The one last piece that put me on a flight to Spokane was to attract the Local University offering to the Minneapolis area later this year.  The amount of information, the level of expertise and the complete offering would be perfect for the local business community here in the Twin Cities.

I can tell you that the event left Spokane buzzing, satisfied and hoping for another one.

Hopefully I’ll have some good news soon, but don’t hesitate to let your voice be heard with a comment below. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Small Business Wins Big With Local University”

  1. @ Ryan – Exactly. You can’t get this line-up of presenters and search engine reps anywhere else. Thanks for the support.

    @ Todd – I know that your company and your Realtors would get a lot of solid information out of it. I had a good time talking shop with you as well, but I probably gave away too much! 🙂

  2. Looks like you had a great time getting to know so many knowledgeable people and listening to some great speakers. I would love to see a Local University event in Minneapolis and would definitely be in attendance.

  3. Hey Aaron, looks like you had a great time at the Local University event. I reiterate Mike’s sentiment that a similar event in the Twin Cities would be fun to attend. MPLS is a great spot for web/tech events, bring it!

  4. @ Mike – Thanks for the support, agreed on all fronts.

    @ Jeff – The speakers had so much to share, it’s amazing to pack it into 4 hours.

    @ Brad – Yes, the Twin Cities is a great web/tech scene as well as a vibrant business community. I let the Local U team know that these things make us the perfect stop for an event here.

  5. Count me in as just one more who would love to see the event in the Minneapolis area. Events like ones put on from MIMA and SMBMSP are always packed and everyone comes out learning a ton.

    Aaron mentions this and I’ll second. The presenters are top notch and know their local.

  6. Aaron – count me in for support/attendance/presenting/paneling too when the event comes to town. Let me know if you need any help getting things organized.

  7. @ Paul – You’re right. There is no shortage of event support in our industry. I think if we fostered that across all small & med biz industries here, a great many would attend and benefit from Local U.

    As you noted, this group has some serious local search cred.

    @ Jeff – Thanks for the support, I’ll be looking to get any and all help, especially on the buzz/promo side when we lure this to MSP.

  8. Great concept, and as you all mention, MSP is a wonderful place to do things like this. As a couple of you have mentioned on Twitter this week, SMBMSP would love to help work something like this out.

    My request as this moves forward is to include as many organizations as is feasible to make this work. MIMA and SMBMSP were mentioned, and I’d like to suggest we use the strengths of each of these types of groups to make this idea succeed. As founder of SMBMSP my interest in this is obvious, but what I really would like is to reduce the fragmentation of events and audience interest for any event.

    I guess this point goes back to the idea of merging tribes.

    Anyway, let me know what I can do to help.


  9. Great to hear from you Rick. Exactly what you mentioned is what I have communicated to the Local U folks. The Twin Cities social/web/tech community is full of fantastic groups and orgs.

    Combining the efforts to reach out to the business community as a whole and bring them into this opportunity is huge win for them and our industry. Everyone gains so much. I look forward to talking about this more with you.

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