Website Content: A Simple Checklist

content-king-crownThe importance of content online is often summed up in the statement “content is king”. Maybe you have championed this statement for years or maybe you struggle to see how this might be true.

So let’s keep it simple. Here are just a few items to consider with your website content.  Read your content, does it accomplish the items on this simple content checklist?

  • Content is what answers questions
  • Content is what builds trust
  • Content is what educates
  • Content is what makes you an expert
  • Content is what ranks in Google
  • Content is what attracts a link
  • Content is what sparks conversation
  • Content is what provides clarity
  • Content is what makes you different
  • Content is what motivates the next click
  • Content is what converts a visitor, to a client

Solid content, when combined with a good web design is a dynamic duo. Your content is darn important. In most projects, it’s more important than the design. Don’t forget that.

While creating content that hits upon all of these elements can be a challenge, writing with them in mind is a great start that will put you ahead. While others are writing to “sound cool”, you’ll be creating real value that actually interacts with your website visitors.

6 thoughts on “Website Content: A Simple Checklist”

  1. I’d like to see this post written in comic sans, with gloss and lens flares everywhere and the headline created with WordArt: Then see if we can take the post as seriously.

    I’d say bad design hurts good content, adequate design is indifferent, and good design makes your content soar. But design can still hurt the content

  2. Great ideas Joseph … errr, maybe not. 😉

    Very true, every aspect of a good website can hurt you if not done right. Bad design, poor navigation and lackluster font choices can deplete your content efforts quickly.

    My main point is making businesses aware of the need for good content. Don’t leave content undervalued or as the last piece you consider in your website (too many do!).

    The best is when content and design work together to deliver a great web experience. Like you stated, let it soar. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I get what your saying, was just throwing some (lame) humor out there. Luckily I’m not skilled enough with design to ever become one of those designers that designs more for themselves, haha.

    Centering the design around the content is what makes web designers different than template implementors.

    I used to make a layout and then try to fill it with content. Now I make semantic html without regards to a layout, and then I’ll make a design based around the content made. Working that way really helps prevent over-designing, and it leads to awesome code to boot.

    Good article!

  4. … but also content needs to be presented accordingly. Due to the increase of touchscreen devices websites will have to be more touchable. When creating and publishing content keep in mind that it has to be readable on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, etc. too, because mobile will dominate the internet soon.

  5. I don’t know if touchscreen consideration should be on the forefront of your mind when creating and laying out content right now, but it’s a good idea to understand today’s content is consumed in many ways.

    Web, mobile and other devices continue to add to the contact points a user has with your content. Thanks for the comment.

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