Sold On The Minneapolis & St Paul Real Estate Bar Camp

I had a great time today sharing some of my web design and Internet marketing experience and knowledge with hundreds of real estate professionals at the Minneapolis & St Paul Real Estate Bar Camp event today.


It was great to be around and interact with people truly wanting to learn, improve, share and take steps to trying new things.  I met and talked with so many Realtors, Brokers and Mortgage professionals that are excited and dedicated to doing more online.

If the Bar Camp concept is new to you, it’s a user generated conference format.

I enjoyed leading 3 different Real Estate Bar Camp sessions today on:

  • Why Good Web Design Matters
  • Social Media Q & A with Kate-Madonna (she rocks)
  • Local Search Marketing – Google Maps

The organizers of this Bar Camp event did a great job and kudos to Greg Sax, Jason Sandquist, Nobu Hatu and Teresa Boardman.  I’m glad to have been asked to attend/speak by Jason Sandquist whom I’ve know on Twitter (@jasonsandquist) for 2 years, but now finally in real life as well.

Here are a few photos I managed to snap and there are many more on the REBCMN Facebook page.




As you can see from the board above, a wide range of topics were covered.   Social media, iPhone apps, blogging, search, web, video and more was delivered for the Real Estate industry.  Many commented and tweeted they were ready to get back to the office and start implementing what they had learned.

Great event, great people, great day.

5 thoughts on “Sold On The Minneapolis & St Paul Real Estate Bar Camp”

  1. Teresa & Jason- Thank you both very much. I had a great time and love what you guys pulled off. Other industries should be so lucky to have people like you in it to share so much with their peers.

    I had a blast and met so many cool people. Looking forward to you guys on stage at SMB MSP!

  2. Loved all of this…took so much away. All of you truly rocked. Hope we can get you up in the north metro.

  3. Thanks for the comment Kathy. Great to hear you benefited. Let me know when you have an event, I’m always up to share what I’m passionate about.

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