Web Design Project: Simonson’s Salon & Spa

There is never anything wrong with creating something beautiful, especially for a business that is all about it.  Our latest web design project released is for Simonson’s Salon & Spa.  Adding to the fun was the co-agency efforts of Spyder Trap Online Marketing working with Five to produce the website.

A Web Design With Style & Simplicity
During the early project discussions it was clear that we wanted to bring a stronger style to the Simonson’s website.  Finding the balance between elegance and approachable was important.

Simplicity was a driving factor to make the website easier to use all around.  Clear navigation, focused services, content areas and new features combined to make the website easy to interact with for the user.

Simonson’s also is engaging with customers on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.  You’ll notice the emphasis we put into letting website visitors know they can further connect with Simonson’s via social media.

Location, Location, Location
It’s no secret that the goal is getting customers in the door.  We put a strong focus on the Simonson’s four locations by making it the first item left in the main navigation, prominent footer information (see below) and the detailed page of each location.

Below is the website footer that displays a photo, phone and address of each location on every page.  These are also clickable to the location detail page.


The location detail page, like this one below for Plymouth, features the address, contact information, photo gallery, online appointments, store hours,  interactive Google map and other helpful links.


Finding the Right Stylist or Technician
Simonson’s has an experienced and talented staff and knows that their people make the biggest difference.  We created an easy to use search and filter tool for users to find the right stylist or technician for their needs.  If you’re looking for a stylist, specializing in red hair in Maple Grove, you’ll find it!


Recap of This Web Design Project
As you can see from the details above on a few features, a lot went into this web redesign in both form and function.  Here are a few more areas to hit upon in closing that we engaged in:

  • Custom web design
  • Content management with the SMC
  • Custom blog design
  • Search engine optimization & local search
  • Salon & Spa Team search filter
  • Enhanced location pages
  • First time guest feature to market to new customers
  • Online gift card purchase
  • Online store integration
  • Online appointment integration
  • Prominent social media channel placement

We enjoyed the web design project, the great team collaborating together and the final outcome.

Check it out: http://www.simonsons.com

6 thoughts on “Web Design Project: Simonson’s Salon & Spa”

  1. I could not be happier with the outcome of this project and more appreciative of all the hard work that went into it. The collaborative efforts of Five Technology and Spyder Trap Online Marketing produced a fabulous design and the functionality and ease of navigation we were looking for.

    Of all the salon and spa websites around the country that I reviewed before commencing this project, Simonson’s new website is the absolute best by far in both design, functionality and navigation.

    Our guests are so excited about the new site and the design and navigation has simplified their online experience with Simonson’s. A goal of the project was to call attention to key features and action items that existed in our previous site but were relatively hidden. Our guests are now discovering these features as if they were brand new because they had no idea they existed on our previous site!

    Fantastic job!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Casie.

    This project is a great example of a great team, all on the same page with clear goals. We’re excited to hear/read some of the early feedback and how positive it is from your customers. Great stuff!

  3. A very nice web design – congratulations! It was very refreshing to hear you talk about style and simplicity in your design, and the real-world challenge. Many web designers get so obsessed by ‘pretty pictures’ the objective of the website is lost.

    It’s a topic I write about on my blog: Why Web Design is a Waste of Money From the look of the website you produced, your client clearly didn’t waste their’s.

  4. We were very pleased with the final outcome of the site, and could not have asked to work with a better team than Five Technology and Simonson’s.

    It is very rewarding to hear first-hand from the client about their satisfaction with the project process leading up to the launch of the site, coupled with how thrilled both the Simonson’s team and their clients are with the design and functionality of the site.

    Great job everyone!

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