Web Design Project: FiberStock

Horses, bison and cows, oh my!  Our latest web design project is a redesign for FiberStock Inc. that produces fiberglass horses, other animals and custom fiberglass statues.

A Web Redesign 10 Years Later
It’s a little crazy for me to even type this, but I designed FiberStock’s first website over 10 years ago.  While the old site lacked in design compared to today’s web design capabilities, it’s SEO trust continued to bring leads and business.

Although it was hard to change something that was working, they knew they needed to show more of their success, talent, offering and city art projects with a new website design.

FiberStock can create darn near any type of statue out of fiberglass and their work has been in movies, national museums, malls, universities and more.

Web Redesign Project Components

  • Custom web redesign
  • Built on our CMS for complete content management
  • Photo and project galleries
  • SEO friendly build and content optimization
  • Custom blog with WordPress

Two things really stand out to me from this project.  The first is the opportunity to work with a client and their business for over 10 years, the second is that building a website the right way can lead to a REALLY long shelf life, no matter the design style.  Results win out.

View the website: http://www.fiberstock.com

4 thoughts on “Web Design Project: FiberStock”

  1. I’m always impressed with the work you do over at Five. I continue drop your name whenever anyone asks me if I know a good web design company. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks Taj! We’ll take all of the comments, name drops, hugs and kisses we can get. Always happy that others like our skills.

  3. Wow, nice designs. I like the font you use too for the logo. But I also like how you bring around the important point of SEO leading to results. I have had a few clients approach me recently that did not realize the difference between web design and marketing and couldn’t understand why their nice new website was not getting any orders or traffic. I made the same errors early in my career before realizing knowing SEO and traffic skills was really what my clients meant when they said they wanted a new website. Thanks for including that in the article! I really liked seeing it and it helped reinforce my own beliefs 🙂 Have a good day

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