E-Commerce Web Design: Surviving Mold

Five Technology’s latest web project is for the book Surviving Mold by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker. Surviving Mold was written with the goal to help heal people with mold related afflictions. Surviving Mold gives people suffering from these afflictions living in mold damaged buildings the information they need to change their lifestyles and literally survive mold.

The site features a custom web design, e-commerce store, wordpress blog and a custom web app.

Surviving Mold


The website features a store by which Surviving Mold is sold as well as other books and presentations by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker. A shopping cart is utilized to easily guide customers from the moment they add an item to their cart until the checkout process is complete. This site has been live for a few months and the results have been impressive.

Web App

The VCS (Visual Contrast Sensitivity) Test is a web app allowing people test for a neurological deficit associated with biotoxin-induced illnesses. It tests the user’s ability to detect visual patterns by taking the test once with each eye while the other is covered. This web app ties in with the e-commerce feature. There are different pricing options based on how many tests you want to take and you can track your results over time. The results can be printed out so you can take it to your physician.

View the site: http://www.survivingmold.com

4 thoughts on “E-Commerce Web Design: Surviving Mold”

  1. This is indeed a serious problem. I really like their online screening test. Their products and services are truly backed-up with strong research.

  2. As an e-commerce design, this is a really good example. The clear layout, presentation and content are both suitable for the subject matter, but also with regards to targeting potential customers.

    What really stands out to me is the colour scheme. Though perhaps obvious in choice considering mould is the subject, it’s still imperative that it is subtle and well chosen. The dull green and more vivid brown really work well in complementing the site. From that it also highlights the content of the site brilliantly to produce a good final site.

    Moreover, Betalkortet sums it up nicely by pointing out the well researched content of the site. There’s nothing worse than having a good site let down by poor content.

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