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May 28 / A Custom eCommerce Responsive Web Design for Blazing Adventures

by Five Technology

Blazing Adventures has over 40 years of experience providing outdoor activities in Colorado, they are the most knowledgeable whitewater rafting and outdoor adventure company in Aspen and Snowmass. However, their web design did not convey this reputation or how adventurous this small business actually was. After seeing the renovations that Five did to Blazing Adventures’ sister company website, Incline Ski, it decided that it seriously needed a revamp of its own. We worked with Blue Tent Marketing on this custom website.

It’s goal was to implement a professional, yet adventurous custom website that was very customer friendly. It wanted to grow its customer base by assuring that it could reach all potential customers and that they could easily make adventure reservations online.

Five developed a plan to create a responsive web design that was driven by its custom eCommerce capabilities. A responsive web design would assure that customers could easily access and navigate the site from the comfort of their own home on their desktop computer, as well as on the go via a tablet or smartphone. A responsive website is much easier to manage than a mobile website.

A mobile website’s content is different than its actual website. A responsive web design on the other hand has consistent content no matter which device is accessing the site. Blazing Adventures wanted to make sure that no matter how its customers were accessing the website that they were getting strong and consistent content. A custom responsive website assured just that.

Desktop View

Blazing Adventures also wanted its customers to easily purchase, or make reservations for their next adventure through its new custom website. So, Five implemented a custom eCommerce factor into the responsive website. Now, customers looking to make reservations for themselves or a group can now easily do so through the Blazing Adventures website and charge it right to their debit or credit card.

No more calling to make a reservation, which will surely increase its customer base. Because it is a responsive web design with eCommerce functionality, customers can book reservations from the comfort of their desktop computer, as well as from a smartphone or tablet.

iPad/Tablet View

Blazing Adventures is looking forward to reaching more customers through its new responsive web design. It is positive that it will have happier online clientele because its new website will be easier to access and navigate from any device; and it will also be easier for them to purchase adventures through its custom eCommerce capabilities.

Blazing Adventures has many other things that they are looking forward to because they chose to work with Five. They have the ability to easily edit and manage all of its content through our content management system (CMS). It can easily create new adventures, edit pricing, and add high quality photos.

Smartphone/iPhone View

It was great working with Blazing Adventures and we are positive that its new eCommerce responsive website will make the business and its customers very happy. If your business needs a new eCommerce website, responsive design, or a eCommerce driven responsive web design, contact Five Technology today to get started.

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    Really a great post .Thanks for posting such useful information.

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    Yup this is the thing, now the website depicts the nature of the business. To be fair, I didn’t see the last version of the website, but I know the importance of content relevancy in web designing.

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