Jun 27, 2014

10 Must Haves for Your Non-Profit Website

Building a nonprofit website for your organization can seem like a hefty process. There are many things to consider to include in your website. Here are ten must-have features that can make a successful nonprofit website. Although every nonprofit website is different from one another, these ten features are sure to draw in attention and engagement from your supporters.

Jun 27, 2014

Why User Generated Content is the Holy Grail of eCommerce

It’s no lie that there are many benefits of using content as a strategy to grow, engage and convert visitors into loyal customers. However, eCommerce companies don’t seem to be focused on a content strategy? Why is that? Because it can be very difficult. Unlike tactics such as keywords, PPC, or back linking, great content cannot be gained merely with a budget. Even if you try to outsource content to an agency, the reality is that no one understands your business and your customer like you do. This leaves your eCommerce company, with another task on the to-do list.

Definition of Social Selling [In Under 100 Words]

Sam Kusinitz, Editorial Assistant from HubSpot.com, a website for all things Internet Marketing related, defines the term “social selling” in under 100 words. Social selling isn’t just a fancy buzzword — rather it’s become a crucial way for successful sales and marketing teams to communicate to their audiences.

How to Prepare for Your Content Audit

If you have experience performing content audits, you may understand how arduous it can be, the mental energy required, but also, the payoff. You’ve experienced the reward that comes with taking a hard look at the content that exists on your website (and maybe even the content that exists on competitor sites), bettering it, and creating a plan for the future.