Apr 23, 2013

Custom eCommerce Web Design – All Natural

Ranchline has been an extensive client for Five Technology. We have done many web designs for various projects within the Ranchline company; including, RL Network, RL Auction, RL Hunting, and now … drumroll please … Ranchline All Natural. Straight from Felix River Ranch, New Mexico, Ranchline All Natural supplies end-user clientele with all natural meat. This organically grown meat distributor was in need of a custom eCommerce web design for customers to securely and conveniently make online purchases. As we’ve had success with Ranchline’s previous endeavors, naturally, it approached Five for this new eCommerce driven web project.

Responsive Web Design

Over the last twenty years technology has continued to progress exponentially in usability and functionality, which has created an “always connected” world where people want, or need to be online all of the time. Because of this more and more people have been eager to use the newest gadgets on the market. None of these gadgets have advanced in the past few years like the smartphone and the tablet.

Responsive Web Design for Vacation Rentals

The Inn at Lost Creek and Hotel Madeline, located in Telluride, Colorado, have been highly ranked vacation destinations for people seeking a relaxing escape to “The Rockies.” People from all over the world have traveled to Telluride, CO to experience the amazing skiing conditions, fantastic restaurants, and the welcoming western village.

Custom Website for Spray Rack

Five redesigned and built a custom website for Spray Rack, a commercial manufacturing firm specializing in water and air infiltration products and services. Spray Rack needed a new web design that elegantly displayed its products and services. The custom web design needed to be professional, yet eye-catching as to entice potential customers to contact them for more information and to purchase its products. The website redesign was built on the our content management system (CMS). The plug-in builder was developed for future ability to easily add online eCommerce functionality, as well as any other future functionality that Spray Rack desires. The new custom website would generate warm leads, professionally display Spray Rack’s brand, products, and services, and ultimately contribute to its bottom line.