5 Things NOT To Do On Your Company’s Social Media

Having your personal social media accounts on Facebook or Twitter can be a fun social outlet for you to connect and share photos, thoughts, and humorous memes with your followers and friends. Your company can also benefit from social media, however, in a much different way. Social media is a perfect outlet for your company’s marketing tactics as it reaches a very wide audience. Social media marketing is huge with marketers and advertisers, and it isn’t just a fad. Make sure you’re doing it the right way.

Strategies and Tactics for Pinterest Marketing Success

Pinterest is one of the many social media platforms that your business should definitely consider utilizing. Through beautiful images and easy-to-use “pinning”, this website has taken the online community by storm. Following its launch in 2010, Pinterest provided a way for users to simply share and create image collections for hobbies, style, business, and more. Whether you’re a business owner connecting with your users through images or simply trying to redecorate your home, Pinterest has something to offer for anyone. Moz.com provides the best recommended tools you should use for your Pinterest marketing.

6 Elements for a Great Blog Post

It’s no lie that creating and posting blogs on your website is a great way to engage with your audience and frequent visitors. However, do you know what it takes to make an effective blog post? Neil Patel, Co-Founder of KISSmetrics,  tells us that from your blog, you can send out a voice that effectively engages your audience. From your unique voice to even the design of your blog, there are many factors that affect how well your blog post will do. Patel gives us six elements to consider in order to create a powerful blog post.