Your Company’s Story & Its Marketing Benefits

You may already know that your website is one of the best, if not the best way to¬†present and represent your business to your audience. There are a lot of first impressions made from scoping out your company’s website for just a few minutes to a new visitor. In order to generate leads and create a good relationship with a potential customer or even returning customers, having a page dedicated to your “story” can build a sense of trust and connectedness. Felicia Spahr, writer for tells us why sharing your company’s personal story is a great marketing tactic for building trust.

Getting People to Care About Your Content

In today’s Internet world, there’s an abundance of content out there trying to lure in people to visit their websites and buy their products. Each day, there are roughly two million blog posts, 294 billion emails, and that’s before you take into account social media and other digital interactions. As a result, 80% of readers only read the headline of an article and either skim or skip over the rest.