Creating Your Brand’s Voice

Creating content may feel like a one way street. Composing content for your company’s website, writing blog posts, and social media updates become a lot of work and require a lot of thought to create creative content. However, communication is about two parties: a writer and a reader, or a speaker and a listener. To get your message across, you need to understand who you’re writing for or who you’re talking to. Henneke Duistermaat, writer for KISSmetrics, shares useful steps on how to spark interest and engagement with your brand’s voice.

Jun 27, 2014

Why User Generated Content is the Holy Grail of eCommerce

It’s no lie that there are many benefits of using content as a strategy to grow, engage and convert visitors into loyal customers. However, eCommerce companies don’t seem to be focused on a content strategy? Why is that? Because it can be very difficult. Unlike tactics such as keywords, PPC, or back linking, great content cannot be gained merely with a budget. Even if you try to outsource content to an agency, the reality is that no one understands your business and your customer like you do. This leaves your eCommerce company, with another task on the to-do list.