4 Benefits of Content Marketing You Shouldn’t Overlook

Nathan Safran’s article, “4 Intangible Benefits of Content You Shouldn’t Overlook” on SearchEngineLand.com, a daily blog posting organization for all things SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He discusses the benefits of having digital technology for marketing use because we are able to measure the impact of our online efforts like never before.

Social Media Marketing & a Call To Action

Danielle Wiley’s article from MarketingLand.com, an online marketing publication website, would argue that social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, etc. are the places where people are talking about your company’s goods and services. According to Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report, there is a growing trend of consumers turning to blogs and social media when looking to make a purchase. We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of social media marketing when wanting to reach out to potential customers.

Definition of Organic Search Results [Under 100 Words]

It is obvious that the Internet has become an integral part of consumers’ local commercial activity today. According the PR Newswire.com, nearly all consumers (97%) are now using online media to shop locally. With nearly all consumers using the Internet to assist buying decisions, search engine rankings have become a top priority for both large and small companies. The way to grab the top spot in a Google search remains a mystery, and it’s never a guarantee that your company will be #1. That being said, the stronger your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, the better your chances are of ranking organically in search engines.

5 Things Your Business Needs to Do on Facebook

An article written by the Editor in Chief of Personal Branding Blog and the CEO of buzz2bucks, Maria Elena Duron, “5 Things You Need to Know to Get ROI from Your Facebook Ads” provides a helpful guide in order to for you to have better social media marketing for your business, and ultimately receive a return on your investment. Perhaps being in a small business you’ve considered using Facebook Ads to better market your company online. Duron agrees that this is the most effective Internet marketing avenue for businesses to use because Facebook has over a billion users worldwide, which is a pretty significant audience size to get in front of. She also believes that Facebook ads are some of the most effective ways businesses can market to customers. Duron provides five reasons why Facebook ads are a good thing for your business, and what you should know to make these ads work for you.