Basic Online Marketing: The Sandwich Board of the Internet

Sandwich Board signI read a USA Today article this week about small businesses using sandwich board signs to attract more business and the issues some city governments/councils had with them “cluttering up” the streets. More businesses are looking to increase the ways that they attract customers past their existing signage in these economic times and the sandwich board is one of the cheap basics. I’ll stay out of the politics of the article, but it got me thinking about the online equivilant of a sandwich board.

Page Title Tutorial: Basic SEO To Get Better Search Rankings

If you are a search engine optimization beginner a great place to start is with your site’s page titles. Please make note right now that SEO is a process of many components, not just one or more “tricks” to rank better. Page titles are very important to aiding in a better ranking from Google, Yahoo or MSN but they are not a magic wand (nothing is!). I can’t count how many times a potential client has complained of their lack of traffic from search engines, but then doesn’t even have a unique page title for their websites home page. Below is the classic “home” tag, showing they have done nothing with their page titles.

Go Green With Local Internet Marketing, Trashed Phone Books Just Pile Up

trashed phone booksInternet marketing is an easy way to help your environment and market at the same time (ah, the feel good angle). Here in Minnesota, record numbers of phone books are being tossed out, with up to 85% ending up in the regular trash according to a recent Star Tribune article. The article cites that part of the reason is from the disappearance of recycling bins for them and the increase in the number of book types printed. They step around the fact that people are using PRINT directories less and less each day … they’re going online.