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Mar 3, 2008

Blog On, Get To Know Five Technology

I thought I would introduce myself, the company and what you can expect to find here on the five spot blog.

What is Five Technology?
Five Technology is a full service web design and Internet marketing firm located in Minnesota. Five was formed in February 2008 as an extension to Intrcomm Technology’s web services. Intrcomm has been servicing websites and small business networks for 12 years, but created Five to further expand on the growing need for enhanced web design and focused marketing services. Five is unique in our full service approach and our in-house programmers. We have the talent to blend the beauty of custom design, tools of Internet marketing with our SMC content management tool to handle any functionality a client needs. Content management, e-commerce, client portals and more. It’s why “technology” is in our name. With clients both locally in Minnesota as well as national we service a wide range of successful organizations in many verticals.

What will I get on the Five spot blog?
Readers of this blog can expect weekly posts on web design, web development, web strategy, search engine optimization, small business marketing and more. We want the blog to be a strong glimpse into our knowledge, experience and offering. Our current clients will get added value in our sharing of knowledge and strategies we put to use everyday. We hope to educate, inform and have a bit of fun here.

Who is the wizard behind the curtain?
I’m Five Technology’s Vice President Aaron Weiche and I’ll be the primary voice heard here. I have 10+ years experience in web design and Internet marketing. I may well qualify for being addicted to the Internet. The past 4 years I spent as a Web Director for a Twin Cities Ad Agency so I’m well versed in marketing strategies offline in addition to online. I have worked with over 300 companies and organizations in my years and a wide range of project sizes. I’m excited to build Five into something special and deliver valuable services for our clients. The web is evolving into an extremely transparent marketplace and I love helping clients leverage that for their success.

There is your short version. I look forward to your comments and go ahead and click on the one of the subscribe options up top. Like you really want to miss out on this.

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