20 Years Old 1995-2005

Custom eCommerce for Wholesale Distributor

Co-Rect Products is a wholesale distributor of bar supplies that specializes in custom imprinted bar products. Co-Rect was in need of a custom website design with eCommerce functionality. Co-Rect wanted to increase sales and customer satisfaction through a new website design, so we designed and developed a robust eCommerce site. Their new site professionally displays all of their products and allows customers to easily create user accounts to submit online orders. Co-Rect's new eCommerce site offers customers a variety of different ways to find what they are looking for. Photography was also another important factor for their website. Co-Rect hired a professional photographer to take photos of their project -- this really helped enhance the website design.

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Project Challenge

Co-Rect Products had not redesigned its website for over 15 years. Typically, with design trends changing constantly and technology growing exponentially, we suggest doing a website redesign every 3 to 5 years. So, Co-Rect was way over due for a new website design. Prior to beginning this project we wanted to dive into the specifics of what Co-Rect needed to enhance its web presence.


After meeting with the owner and general manager of Co-Rect, we determined that it needed a website that would allow them to display all of its bar supplies (over 300 products) and showcase its custom printing services. The current situation extremely limited content management. It was very difficult to add new products and the custom side of the business had a separate website. They also wanted to be able to receive online wholesale orders through the website of all standard (non-printed) bar supplies.

Co-Rect Products needed a custom website design that would represent its brand. Co-Rect has been around for almost 50 years as a top distributor of bar supplies, so it was important to represent this reputation with a professional website design. The new website needed custom eCommerce functionality to showcase its large inventory of products. This would allow vendors to build and submit orders through the website.


When we started the design portion of this project, we really wanted to focus on a unique design that portrayed Co-Rect Products as a reputable dealer of bar supplies. Layout wise, the homepage and internal pages were fairly basic so we really wanted the graphic design to standout.

The first step in improving the brand representation was enhancing Co-Rect's logo. Our graphic designer took the pre-existing logo and add some color and texture to make it more unique than the flat white and red colors that it originally had. The designer add some chrome texture to match the endless supply of stainless steel bar supplies that Co-Rect provides to its vendors.

The next step was to design the home page. We wanted to include some unique graphic design elements. We gave it a behind the bar look and feel to represent where Co-Rect's products end up. We also included some steel/chrome accents to give it a business and manufacturer look and feel to contrast with the behind the bar elements.

We also designed product preview and product detail pages that would showcase Co-Rect's bar supplies. These pages would allow customers to easily view multiple products in a specific category at one time, then click on a specific product to view more details (pricing, sizing, color options, etc.)

Other companies in the bar supply industry did not have great websites, so we really wanted Co-Rect to go above and beyond the industry norm. However, design was only the first step in building an effective solution.


Once we completed the design phase of the school website project, we began implementing the finalized design templates into our preferred content management system (CMS), the Site Management Console (SMC). The SMC allows our web developers the ability to efficiently build apps and plug-ins, which was needed for this custom eCommerce website.

We developed and implemented a custom eCommerce platform. This would provide Co-Rect with an easy way to add, edit, and manage products on the website. The content manager could add a new products, images of each product, SKU numbers, shipping and pricing information, details, even add options and add-ons for each product, and much, much more.


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