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Website Design Process

Result-driven website design requires a result-driven process. Our goal is a design that you love, so it's critical that you are satisfied with each and every step until it is perfect. From discovering your pain points and diving deep into your online needs, wants, and desires to launching your website and supporting it and your business, the process of the company you choose to work with should be taken into account.

Website Design Process

Process is a Key to Success

Design Consultation. The first step is to conduct a design consultation with you and your team to try understand your vision. We start with likes and dislikes from your current website, and venture into the latest trends or reference website designs that catch your eye. While we will bring a lot of experience to this consultation in the form of recommendations, our goal is to listen for what is important to you.

Wireframe. From that consultation we've typically gathered enough information to draw up a wireframe, or basic illustrations of home page layout, site flow and content structure for the new website design. The wireframe is a critical piece for the graphic designer as it will provide them a clear picture of the core elements needed for the site.

Graphic Design. Once we have a confirmed wireframe, we move forward with graphic design mock-ups for your homepage and one internal page. Think of a new room that has just received trim, paint, and a few pictures, as the wireframe will come alive in this process. We do expect a couple rounds of revisions as a part of this step, as their can be a slight disconnect between your vision and what has been communicated to the graphic designer.  

Approval. When the design mocks meet your expectations, we will ask for your approval in the form of a formal sign-off. This is critical as any changes to the design from this point forward become expensive, so we want to be sure what our team is building is exactly what you are expecting. Upon design approval, the project is sent into website development.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

My goal is to double revenue from the site in the next 2 years. Now that Five Technology has built me this powerful portal management web application, I am able to streamline the process of publishing content.

Paul Taylor III, SurvivingMold.com

The staff at Five Technology has been wonderful to work with. They are receptive to the needs of the school district and willing to work within our budget. They have gone above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied with the product they are delivering.

Traci Lawman, Delano Public Schools

Wow, the transition to the new system was seamless. Kudos to everyone that worked this out. Thank you very much!

Vicki Adney, Reck Agri

We have had many comments from our community on the ease of use of navigation and they really have enjoyed the new look and layout. Our staff certainly has benefited as we have used the website more and more as a communication device to our school patrons. I look forward to taking full advantage of the student section for our classes, hopefully next year.

Paul Ludwig, Delano Public Schools