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Project Balance and Expectations

A successful project must stay in balance and the communication of expectations is critical.

If a project falls out of balance, one or both parties generally have a bitter taste in their mouth as a result.  Successful projects are those that are delivered on time, on budget and within the required scope.  If any of these are missing, we cannot consider the project a success.

Communication is essential to project success, especially when it comes to expectations.  This is not a one way street, as it is important for both Five and our clients to communicate what it is they expect to see throughout and at the end of a project life cycle.

Project Balance

A successful project must maintain harmony between project scope, timeline, and cost.  If you imagine a triangle that has 3 sides that are relatively equal in length, this is similar to what is needed for a successful project.

Project Balance

The moment we adjust one side without the other two, we are likely headed for project failure.  The triangle (project) cannot exist if you have a very long scope side with short cost and time sides.  The moment we lose the connection to one of the project sides, we lose control of our project harmony.

Project Out of Balance

For example, let's say we are customizing your portfolio management but suddenly your new social media initiative requires that you also have an easy way to publish project wins to social media channels.  Fantastic idea!  This update will add to the scope side of the project, which will require an increase to one or both sides of the triangle to keep our project in harmony.

One side of the project can only be made longer if one or two of the other sides are also made longer, thus keeping the three sides of the project connected.  The thought is that you can only have 2 of 3 of these and realize success, but we strive to make all three a reality.  As you can see if we simply increase the cost of the project to offset our increasing scope, and we are back to where we need to be.

Project Back in Balance

As long as there is an understanding that we are working on a sliding scale of connected parts (a triangle), there's no reason to suggest you cannot get everything you want out of your project.

Project Expectations

We can design and build the best app on the planet, but if it is not what our client is expecting we are doomed to failure.  Communication of expectations is an often overlooked part of a successful project and how important it really is may not be obvious until it goes missing.

Whether it be milestones, additions to scope, project process or procedure, or payment expectations, both parties must effectively communicate what they expect to see during the course of a project.  It is always better to deal with conflict as it is comes up rather than push it off.  A few small battles along the way is expected, but a war later on and it is to late.

Failed communication often start with assumptions.  We may assume our client understands that adding to scope is going to result in increased costs, but this would be a critical lapse in judgement.  Our client may be of the opinion that there is some wiggle room on scope since the design phase was wrapped into the project whole.  Both of us may have valid points, but unless we get it on the table right away we are at risk later on.

Rather than try to guess what one another is thinking, let's have an understanding that we will hesitate to communicate expectations throughout the project.  The result will be a successful project that was obtained together.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

My goal is to double revenue from the site in the next 2 years. Now that Five Technology has built me this powerful portal management web application, I am able to streamline the process of publishing content.

Paul Taylor III, SurvivingMold.com

The staff at Five Technology has been wonderful to work with. They are receptive to the needs of the school district and willing to work within our budget. They have gone above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied with the product they are delivering.

Traci Lawman, Delano Public Schools

Wow, the transition to the new system was seamless. Kudos to everyone that worked this out. Thank you very much!

Vicki Adney, Reck Agri

We have had many comments from our community on the ease of use of navigation and they really have enjoyed the new look and layout. Our staff certainly has benefited as we have used the website more and more as a communication device to our school patrons. I look forward to taking full advantage of the student section for our classes, hopefully next year.

Paul Ludwig, Delano Public Schools