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Fanatic Support

Protect your Investment

Support can be like insurance in that you never feel like you need it or are getting your money's worth until you really need it. Fortunately its not life or death in our industry, but ongoing support is essential to protect the investment you have made. In an online world that changes from week to week, the days of "build it and leave it alone" are long gone.

Have you ever wondered how companies like Go Daddy, 100 and 1, Yahoo, etc. are able to provide web sites for $10 p/mo? They offer a canned solution that is repeatable from customer to customer with an online help manual that replaces a human being when you have questions. This works for the most savvy of the bunch, but the reality is most companies do not have the luxury and/or budget for an in-house team to take advantage of such situations. Chances are you fall into this category and are thus looking to partner with a company that has your back.

The cost to work with Five Technology can be more than that of many companies, but that higher cost is directly attributed to the fanatical support we provide our clients. We staff a support team that you can talk to whether there are problems or you just want to talk about the latest technology. We've grown our business on long lasting relationships, so ongoing support isn't optional when you are a client of Five.