Five Techwe are

Why Five?

Why Partner With Five?

We want to be a partner that works with you not for you, and we understand that this doesn't always make us the right fit. The traditional vendor relationship works fine when dealing with widgets that have a set profit margin and some wiggle room for negotiation. This process doesn't work so well in a service based industry where what's being delivered isn't always black and white. There will be some gray area from time to time, but when we work along side one another we get to make gray area decisions together. The result is generally a mutually beneficial outcome.

Why Else?

Evaluating what a company brings to the table is the most important decision you will make in the process.  Partner with a company you can rely on for a long time to come, and the rest of the decisions become trivial.

  • unique story of longevity and stability
  • Our process has success stories to validate
  • philosophy that promotes long lasting relationships
  • Experience like very few in our industry
  • A diversified team equipped for any and everything

You Want a Little More?

Five Technology is a full service web design & Internet marketing firm located outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota in the charming small town of Delano. Behind the brick walls of our century old building is a team of web strategists, web designers & website programmers working together on projects for clients to help them get more out of their website.

We are passionate about the web, about helping you harness it & about meeting challenges head on. Your website is your most flexible, scalable & affordable tool in marketing so we think you should learn to leverage it to the max.

Most of our client relationships start with a face to face meeting (but phone calls, email & Skype work too) and you’ll soon understand that working with us is an education and experience you can enjoy as well as benefit from.

If you are ready for a partner in your web quest and an exceptional website, then Five Technology is a great choice. Let's get started.