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Custom Website Design

The ideal situation for most businesses and organizations is to implement a custom website design. A custom website will give you the most flexibility with branding, content, and development, but it's no secret that customization can get spendy, so when is it the right option and when should you look at other options? Let Five Technology help. We will point you in the right direction. While custom is ideal, it's not always right. Stand out from the competition with a custom website design.

Custom Website Design

Why Might You Need/Want Custom Website Design?

When the need arises for a custom website design, you will have seen the writing on the wall for some time. Most people start with a theme design and work their way into custom as their needs evolve, but there are certainly scenarios that force you to go custom from the start. Budget will generally duke it out with design and functionality requirements to see which prevails.

While a custom website design is always the ideal solution when budget allows, you can often times be forced down the custom route for various reasons. We find ourselves evaluating custom over theme with clients for various reasons.  

  • Template solutions do not provide enough flexibility
  • Complex functionality requirements
  • Need to stand out from the rest
  • Unique content requirements
  • Online initiatives include more than just marketing
  • Time has come to get serious about Internet marketing

A Few Advantages of Custom Design

As mentioned above custom websites are the ideal solution if budget allows, but what are the advantages of a custom website? Will I get a better return on my investment? There are indeed benefits to having a custom website design, and it definitely can be worth the additional investment required.

A custom website design will better represent your brand. Design elements will be created uniquely for you and you alone, not with the mindset that the design needs to tailored to accommodate many.

Custom website design provides the ultimate in flexibility. When you need to change or add something new, a custom website provides the scalability needed to grow.  

But without a doubt, and it's not even close, the biggest advantage to going custom is in the functionality. If you have unique functionality requirements, a custom design can accommodate these needs today as well as down the road. The days of "making something work" are in the past as elements are incorporated that match your needs exactly.

A Partner for Custom Websites

Who you choose to design your custom website is more important than you might think. A few checklist items to help in your decision making process might include:

Custom is more expensive for a reason, so look for a design team that can balance creativity, functionality, usability, and search engine friendly elements. Work with a dedicated account manager that will serve as your go-to person for questions, concerns, or new opportunities regarding your custom website design and Internet marketing. This account manager should work closely with you to learn as much about your business and operations as possible, so they can tailor solutions to fit your specific needs.

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