20 Years Old 1995-2005

Our Philosophy

A Partner in Technology

The Five Technology business model is grounded on managed services. It is important that we exceed your expectations on the initial project, but the service and support we provide upon Go Live is considered our North Star. There are no yearly contract commitments, opt out fees, or other tactics to force you to work with us. If we continually meet your expectations, we'll expect that you keep paying us.

The managed services philosophy for Five Technology means:

Relationships.  Our goal is clients for life. A professional relationship means we interact with you and your team, learn about  your business, and dedicate ourselves to achieving your online objectives. In return, you pay a fair price for this commitment. We aspire to earn your trust and become your adviser in technology decisions.

Extension of Your Team.  Successful business relationships have both sides working together for a common goal. It is important that both teams are equally committed, regardless of who is doing the work. We pride ourselves on finding ways to get our clients involved in the process.  Sure, we could probably make money by doing everything, but we would rather be an extension of your team and fill in the gaps where expertise is needed.

A Person to Talk To.  It's important to us that you don't go it alone. Not everyone has the time or expertise to keep up on changing technology, so we ensure you always have someone to talk to. We've got an experienced staff that is eager to answer the simplest of technology questions.

You Need Experts.  There is always something new and exciting in the world of technology, so the opportunity to gain a leg up on your competition never ends. This can be a disaster if you choose to do nothing, so we commit to staying on top of it for you. We live in the technology world and are excited to pass this knowledge onto you.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

My goal is to double revenue from the site in the next 2 years. Now that Five Technology has built me this powerful portal management web application, I am able to streamline the process of publishing content.

Paul Taylor III, SurvivingMold.com

The staff at Five Technology has been wonderful to work with. They are receptive to the needs of the school district and willing to work within our budget. They have gone above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied with the product they are delivering.

Traci Lawman, Delano Public Schools

Wow, the transition to the new system was seamless. Kudos to everyone that worked this out. Thank you very much!

Vicki Adney, Reck Agri

We have had many comments from our community on the ease of use of navigation and they really have enjoyed the new look and layout. Our staff certainly has benefited as we have used the website more and more as a communication device to our school patrons. I look forward to taking full advantage of the student section for our classes, hopefully next year.

Paul Ludwig, Delano Public Schools

I’ve always tried to keep a close eye on current technology and how it can help grow my Linen and Equipment Rental company. As a niche industry, I have yet to see software designed specifically for the needs of my business, until now.

Craig Myatt - Owner / Operator, Seaside Linen & Rental Company