Five Techwe are

Our Team

Prepared for Anything

If you have already read up on the Five Technology process, then you already know that Design, Development, Promote, Measure, and Manage are all critical ingredients to a return on your investment. The team we have built over the years is one that will find a solution for any and all challenges put in front of them.

A few important things about our team:

In-House Designers.  The trend in today's web design landscape is to reduce project costs by using one of thousands of  themes, or freelance designers from around the world. Even as we take advangate of this huge cost savings, it is important to have someone with an eye for design involved with the design consultation process.

Web Developers AND Engineers.  The open source era has introduced us to the web developer. Engineers design and develop software that enables the web developer to build powerful websites. While this can be benefitial, having an engineer on your project will ensure you never hear "you cannot do that!". More on the web developer versus engineer.

Search Engine Marketing Specialists.  We can design and build the best websites ever known, but if your customer  cannot find you we've just wasted a lot of our time and money. Trained and up to speed on the latest trends and best practices, the SEO team is a critical component to any successful web design and development team.

Technology Consultants.  An undervalued asset is the technical consultant that has a vested interest in your success and can translate your business requirements. This technology consultant becomes your life line as to what is happening in the technology world, and where you can get a competitive advantage.

Well Rounded Team.  As part of a SMB, you are forced to wear a lot of hats. We encourage our team to work in other departments so that they understand what is required at all phases of the project.

Varying Experience Levels.  Five Technology has a comfortable mix of experience and youth. We always like to mix in some youth to freshen things up a bit, but having a nice balance in the experience department allows for a young, hungry team member to bring a unique perspective.