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CMS Website Development

For a long time your website has been your most effective marketing tool. While this still holds true, the website of today is used to not only drive business, but to conduct business. CMS website development is a must for businesses looking to increase efficiency across their organization. A powerful content management system (CMS) provides a gateway to integrating business process into your website.

From custom eCommerce to simple file sharing and communication, there are numerous website applications that have been developed to increase productivity. Some applications come pre-built and simply need to be customized to fit your unique needs. Other applications are a concept in your brain that need to be architect-ed and built. The CMS you choose should be equipped to handle both scenarios.

CMS Website Development

The Essentials

Your content management system should provide you with easy ways to add navigation, edit text, upload photos, manage user accounts and files, and view website statistics. It should also be an easy system to develop new functionality, such as adding eCommerce ability or integrating a 3rd party software into your website.

Your CMS should be hassle-free, you don't want a system so complicated that it takes you an hour to add a page, or a whole day to add some images. It should increase business efficiency, not hinder it.

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Does CMS Still Matter?

As recent as 5 years ago the content management system (CMS) you selected for your website design project brought with it certain advantages. As with hosting infrastructure, the CMS has become a commodity. There are hundreds of CMS platforms and they all basically provide the same features and functions. Some are specialized (eCommerce, Blog, etc.), some have massive open source communities behind them, some have a library of design themes, and some are on the cutting edge of technology.

So, does the CMS matter? No, not as much as you would think. It really comes down to personal preference and working with a development team you trust can build you what you need. The CMS should really be an after thought, and only a tool that helps with the implementation of the project.

Some food for thought:

  • Choose a company you want to work with and let them choose the CMS they are most proficient with
  • If a company insists the CMS they use gives them a competitive advantage, then their isn't much depth to what that company can provide you. See web developer versus engineer
  • The cost to move your site from one CMS to another is insignificant when doing a redesign, so you are never "trapped forever" on a CMS if a relationship falters
  • The savings in using an open source module are quickly reversed when it's time to upgrade versions, debug for new browsers, etc.
  • Never make a decision solely on the CMS being proposed

The CMS continues to be the cornerstone of every functional website out there, so while it is important to build your site on a CMS platform, which one you get is hardly worth stressing about. For every cool feature you are shown there is a limitation around the corner that will cancel it all out.

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