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A Partner In...

Your Partner for All Things Technology

Partner versus Vendor? A partner will have your best interest in mind, whereas a vendor will start saying NO as soon as the deal is inked.

You relationship with Five Technology will often be referred to as that of a partner. We are just as much looking for opportunities that utilize our core competencies as you are looking for a vendor that can provide exactly what you need. When an agreement is reached that is mutually beneficial, it becomes a partnership.

Technology, Support and Online Strategy

Technology is critical to business success. Technology offers you a competitive advantage in the marketplace, but only if you are getting sound advice and doing the right things. Partnering with the wrong company can you leave you feeling of helplessness, so be sure to ask the right questions when you are looking for the perfect fit.

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you consider your strategies to be bleeding edge, or somewhat conservative and proven?
  • Your team?  Do you employ web developers and SEOs only, or is there a mix of engineers and system integrators?
  • How do I protect my investment once I've invested with you?
  • What is your project process?
  • Can you tell me a couple success stories?
  • How can I leverage my in-house team to save money yet effectively contribute?
  • Etc.

Get a clear representation of the whole package so you are not backed into a corner upon your immediate needs being fulfilled and it's time to move forward.