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Email Marketing

Drive traffic and engage your customers with professional email marketing templates and tools.

Email marketing is a great direct marketing tool for your Internet marketing strategy. Work with professional graphic designers to design unqiue, and responsive email marketing templates. Partner with an Internet technology company to help you setup email marketing tools, that will give you the time to focus on running your business.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Permission based email marketing is a powerful and cost effective Internet marketing tool for any business or organization. Every business and organization should include an email marketing campaign in their Internet marketing arsenal.

Even if you think you have nothing to say, it can just be a quick little update about your recent projects, some industry tidbits, or even some "how to" suggestions.

eNewsletters and Email Marketing Tools

eNewsletters are a great tool for reaching existing customers, or people who are interested in your message. You're reaching people that want to be reached, which gives you a great opportunity to become an industry leader and earn repeat business. If people are legitimately interested in what you have to say, that's always a good thing.

Email marketing should also provide your marketing tool belt with several other tools. When you send out emails to your recipients you can track if they click on any links that you inserted into the message. This gives you an idea of how effective your email marketing campaign was.

You should also consider a custom eNewsletter design. A custom design will set your message apart from the several other messages your recipients are receiving. It will better represent your brand and give your email a unique quality.

A quality email marketing campaign should also include tools that give you the ability to easily manage recipients, craft messages, and filter/limit spam content.

Your Email Marketing Partner

Five's email marketing services can design email campaigns that brand your business, deliver results and connect with your customers.  You'll have the ability to create, send and track campaigns with ease.

eNewsletters are all in your control with our services and tools:

  • Custom eNewsletter designs
  • Easy to use online account and tools
  • Create & edit email campaigns
  • Control & segment email lists
  • Full tracking of campaign performance
  • Spam filter testing features for best delivery
  • Integrated email sign-up on your website
  • Lean on our email knowledge & experience

Partner with us today to get started with your very own email marketing program.