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The Assumed Utility

Your website should be always on, just like the water right? Not exactly. If there is one thing taken for granted in our online world it is website availability and striving for that 100% up-time. The Internet power-houses such as Google, Amazon, etc. experience downtime, even though they commit 10's of millions of dollars and man hours to the effort each year.

You most likely don't have 10's of millions of dollars to budget for web hosting, nor is it realistic to think you should need to. Unfortunately down time is a reality for all so what you need is a partner that will commit to getting you back online as soon as possible. No matter the day of the week or time of day, you need a team working diligently on the problem until it is resolved. Five Technology has a team of server administrators that are ready to jump when needed. Through pro-active monitoring and updates we can head off potential problems, but more importantly we can jump into action at the most critical time.

The underlying infrastructure (i.e. hardware) of today's cloud-based world has basically become a commodity. Storage is practically free, bandwidth costs have tumbled, and servers can be configured in a way that allow your website to use whatever resources it needs (processors, memory, etc). There is very little competitive advantage from one facility to the next and as a result most companies in our industry can provide similar options.

For most websites, web hosting is relatively straight forward and doesn't require a whole lot of in-house technical expertise to administer. There are hosting options on every corner that can provide you or your website design company what you need 98% of the time. As we move more and more of our business online however, the host infrastructure requirements begin to take on a more important role. With increased function comes increased complexity. The Five host management team has integrated and supported some of the most complex systems out there, and there is very little they cannot accomplish for you.