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May 10, 2024

Five Technology Domain Renewal Services: Preventing Scams

Ensuring your domain is secure is important for business continuity and reputation. As part of our web services offerings, Five Technology offers domain management. One component is the ongoing renewal of your domain name. There are many scams that target domain owners in an attempt to either gain control of your domain or charge severely inflated annual renewal fees. This article explains one of the more common scans we see. Here are a few keys to ...

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Oct 6, 2023

5 Ways to Optimize Your SEO strategies using Google Analytics

Janet Driscoll Miller, a prominent columnist at, offers invaluable insights into comprehending and segmenting your online organic traffic effectively. First and foremost, Miller underscores the critical importance of setting up Google Analytics correctly, as misconfigurations can lead to erroneous data, potentially skewing your assumptions about organic traffic, SEO strategies, and conversion metrics. Here are Miller's ...

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Sep 21, 2023

5 Tips for Facebook Marketing

In today's world, social media is teeming with businesses trying to connect with customers, making it a noisy environment for individual users. With over 1 billion active users globally, standing out is crucial. To ensure your brand shines, it must be remarkable, interesting, and value-driven. Here are concise strategies for optimizing your Facebook presence: 1. Compelling Content : Every Facebook post is an opportunity for meaningful engagement. Use ...

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Aug 7, 2023

3 Tips to Search Engine & User Friendly Content

It shouldn’t be news to you that you need to write web content that engages and informs your website user / visitor first and foremost and attracts the love of the search engines second. It can be very easy to accomplish both user friendly content and search engine friendly content when you consider that visitors to your website these days are more like the search engines than ever. Be basic and straight forward : Users appreciate ...

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Aug 4, 2023

How To: Page Titles

If you are a search engine optimization beginner, a great place to start is with your site’s page titles. Page titles are very important to aiding a better ranking from Google, Yahoo or MSN. So let's break down a page title and what you can do with it. What is a page title and where is it? The page title is the summary of what your web page is about. There is one for every page of your website located in your code, near the top. ...

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Jun 13, 2023

3 Reasons to Start A Business Blog For Your Small Business

1.) Build Content Small business websites often feature a fundamental page structure comprising key sections such as company information, services, products, and contact details. However, by incorporating a blog and consistently posting once a week businesses can expand their website’s content significantly. Each blog post effectively becomes a dedicated page, resulting in an additional 52 pages of valuable content. This approach offers several ...

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May 16, 2023

Elevate User Experience with Responsive Web Design: A Guide for Modern Businesses

In today's digital age, a user-friendly website that seamlessly adapts to different devices is paramount for businesses to succeed online. At Five Technology, we specialize in creating responsive web designs that captivate audiences and deliver exceptional user experiences. In this blog post, we will explore the power of responsive web design and its three key benefits for your business. Reach and Engage Users Everywhere : With the proliferation of ...

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Apr 24, 2023

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Lake Association

Looking to upgrade the functionality of your Lake Association? Our team members at Five Technology have created a software solution to cater to the needs of lake associations.  Services we provide with our software include, but are not limited to: Host Management . Host management is when the client has full access to the site on our development servers, which allows insight for the client to understand where we are in the development process ...

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Mar 15, 2023

Top 3 Reasons Your Lake Association Is Important To Us... And How We Can Help!

Lakes are a vital part of our natural landscape, providing countless benefits to our communities, including recreation, tourism, and wildlife habitat. Lake associations play a crucial role in preserving the health and beauty of these valuable resources.  Here are three key reasons why lake associations are so important. Conservation Efforts: Lake associations work to protect the water quality, natural habitats, and wildlife of the lakes they ...

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Feb 22, 2023

Five Benefits Of Association Management Software For Your Community

1. Improves Communication : A well-designed HOA website can provide a central platform for communication between homeowners, board members, and the management company. Community members can access information such as meetings, newsletters, and event calendars, as well as post questions and suggestions. 2. Increased Convenience : With an HOA website, residents can access important information, such as community rules and regulations, at any time. ...

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