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City Website Design for Watertown, MN

The city of Watertown approached Five Technology for a complete city government web design. It wanted to enhance its web presence, as well as better portray the community through the web. Watertown was also in need of a couple of internal management applications that will help them increase the efficiency of the city council and city staff. Five set out to provide the city staff and the community with a website that was easy to manage and navigate, and provided better communication between the city and the community. Watertown and Five worked together to increase city efficiency and transparency by developing internal web applications that that automized agenda creation and distribution, and enhanced document management.

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Project Challenge

When Five Technology first approached the city of Watertown for a custom city website design, its current website was very limited both in design and functionality. It was a very outdated design that did not encourage community invovlement. The city staff had a difficult time managing its content and it served no internal communicative purposes. Watertown has been growing very quickly both residentially and commercially, and its city website design did not represent the improved community image.


The city of Watertown was in need of a completely custom city government web design that would enhance the image of the city and its community, portray the city culture, and serve as an effective communication tool that would increase efficiency for the city staff/council and involve the community more. Watertown needed a new city government website design as well as some cool custom features that would increase efficiency. These features included Five's custom agenda app and a custom document management system.

Five planned to accomplish many things to improve the city of Watertown website design. Five planned to achieve the following:

Provide a custom city website design that would enhance Watertown's web presence, be easy to navigate, and would display Watertown as a well-developed, growing community.

  • Provide a website that would also serve as both an internal city administration tool, & a communication tool between the city and its community.
  • Provide & customize Five's Agenda application & integrate it into the website and Site Management Console.
  • Develop & provide a custom document management system to improve internal efficiency.
  • Provide content entry assistance & training prior to the website going live.
  • Provide ongoing training & managed services following the launch of the website.


The city of Watertown noticed a lot of great results after launching their custom city website design. Watertown received a lot of great feedback from the community about the website's new design and easy navigation. The city staff was also very satisfied with the new website. They have commented that it has helped reduce preparation time for city council meetings and daily tasks. They city council has been able to have more interactive meetings, and have enjoyed accessing the agenda on their computers and iPads through the Agenda app.

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