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Ranch Real Estate Website Design

Custom website design enhances ranch real estate broker's web presence and increased real estate agent efficiency.

RanchLand Network is a Texas real estate firm that specializes in ranches and recreational properties. RanchLand Network was in need of a new custom website that would allow it to easily update and manage its many listings, update its clients with recent news, and feed its listings from other websites.

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Project Challenge

RanchLand Network did not feel that it was using its website to its fullest potential. It had realized that having a great website design was a good starting point to promoting its ranch properties in Texas, but wanted to use the site as a tool to sell people on its properties. Our job was to dive deeper into these challenges to discover an adequate solution for this ranch real estate website.


After meeting with the owner RanchLand Network, we determined what was needed for a solution that would give the new website a great look and feel, but also serve as a promotional tool that would convince browswers to serious laeds. We laid out the groundworks for a custom website design and some robust custom development features.

A custom website design would help to portray the ranch real estate firm as a reputable company. A professional design would help promote its properties, while the custom development features would enhance the browsing experience. Ranch buyers are doing the majority of their research online these days, RanchLand understood the importance of being able to reach this audience.

A new website design would be a great start to promote ranch listings. However, looks are not enough. In order to keep these browsers interested, RanchLand Network wanted a way to use the website to persuade browsers to request more information about the proeprties they were interested in.

The first step to online success is a great website design, so that's where we began this journey with RanchLand's custom ranch real estate website.


As we started on the design process, we looked at the layout of the home page and what was important to have on it. Taking into account the sites focus, clients taste and content desired we laid out the page and came up with a clean, rich, classy-cowboy design.  We incorporated attractive textures and script elements that accentuated the overall motif. We made sure to include all of the important tools and content to allow users to quickly find and navigate to specific sections and pages in the site.  The client was very happy with the resulting overall layout and design and felt like they were instrumental in the process to develop something unique that matched their initial scope and vision.


We designed and implemented a custom website design equipped with an enhanced properties plug-in, a WordPress blog, a broker directory, enhanced Google mapping, and integration with a XML feeds from 3rd party websites.

The enhanced property listings plug-in allows RanchLand to easily add, edit, and manage property listings, including the ones that are fed from other websites. This provides RanchLand with a convenient way to update its new properties and load them with the necessary information, and also enhance the listings that are fed from other sites that might just have some basic information.

The WordPress blog allows RanchLand to update their clients, and potential clients with recent updates, featured property stories, industry news, etc. We integrated its blog into the new custom website so that it is a seamless transition from website to blog for its users.

RanchLand has brokers all over the state of Texas to cover their many different Trophy Properties, so we implemented a Broker Directory so potential clients can easily find the agent that best represents their needs and geographical location. This directory includes an enhanced Google Map that has interactive drop pins to easily find a broker by location.

RanchLand also has property listings on third party sites that it wanted on its new website. So, we integrated an XML feed from that website to feed those listings into their new website, which can then be enhanced through the enhanced listings plug-in.

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