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Responsive Design for Sports Database Website

Minnesota-Scores: Responsive Design for Minnesota High School Sports Database Website

Minnesota Scores is a website dedicated to all things revolving around High School Sports scores in Minnesota. Minnesota Scores was founded to help make sense of the complicated wording newspapers would use when reporting scores for sporting events. The site offers an archived database of all Minnesota High School sports scores and is home to the QRF formula. This formula helps fairly compare teams across the state, without any human bias/input. After realizing that their previous website was running on pre-2000’s code, and was susceptible to hacks, Minnesota Scores turned to Five Technology to help build an up to date website for their massive database.

Now to say this was a massive undertaking would be an understatement. The Five Tech. team had to take a nearly 17 year old database and convert it to a modern PostgreSQL database, then refactor all of the previous code into our CMS, with modern code standards. This includes refactoring the HTML, JavaScript, and PHP code in order to not only make the website viable on desktop, but also create the site in such a way that it would be friendly to mobile users. The Minnesota Scores project has come with its challenge. Five Technology will continue to work with Minnesota Scores to ensure the site will continue to grow and be polished to further benefit the user experience.


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