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Responsive Web Design for Colorado Hotel

Inn at Lost Creek brings its hotel website into the modern web with a responsive web design.

Inn at Lost Creek is a resort and hotel in Telluride, Colorado--located slope side in Mountain Village. It has been a well-known vacation go-to that offers many accommodations, delicious dining, a relaxing pool and spa, and even a golf course--the altitude emphasizes your slice. We worked with Blue Tent Marketing, one of our partners, to create a great website that would promote the hotel's amazing amenities and be optimized for mobile usage.

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Project Challenge

Inn at Lost Creek did not feel that it was using its website to promote its great accomodations to the best of its ability. The resort and hotel also felt that the website could be used more effectively as a customer recruitment tool. Because it was going to be a website focused on the experience of the customer, we wanted to be sure that it provdied a great user experience on all devices. This would require some additional design and development work, via a responsive web design. Our job was to work with our partner Blue Tent Marketing dive deeper into these challenges to discover an adequate solution for this hotel website.


After meeting with the people in charge of enhancing the website, we determined what was needed for a solution that would better display the wonderful offerings of Inn at Lost Creek and could be used as an recruiting tool for their customers. We laid the foundation for a custom website design, that would be a responsive design; as well as some custom website development that would make this more than a just marketing site.

A custom website design would help to display the resort's accomdations and grounds, while instantly letting customers know that it is a reputable and welcoming resort. Customers are doing ALL of their research online these days, especially for booking vacations, Hotel Madeline understood the importance of being able to reach their customers online.

The next challenge was to determine the best method for reaching the hotel's mobile custoemrs. Naturally, we decided on implementing a responsive web design. This would optimize this hotel's website for not only deskop use, but mobile use from tablets and smartphones as well.

In order to turn this website into a conversion genie, we planned to integrate Inn at Lost Creek's pre-existing third party reservation system into this new website.


As we dove into the design phase, we looked at the layout of the home page and the elements that needed to be on it for instant recognition of services, and quick access to important content. As we laid out the page, we found ways to build in attractive design elements that accentuated the hotel's brand colors and beautiful imagery. We also made sure to include all of the important content highlights on the homepage, and provide easy access to links that host important information for prospective customers.

Inn at Lost Creek is home to a handful of amazing accommodations, which include restaurants, a golf course, ski hills, and more. We wanted to provide easy access to more information about these different offerings under. So, we included links in the main navigation to each. Users can then click the link to go to a landing page explaining more about that specific service.

Aside from showcasing all of its accommodations, we also wanted to provide easy access to reserving a room and more with the resort. We included an area underneath the large hero image area that allowed customers to choose the duration and time of their stay, they would then be brought to Inn at Lost Creek's online booking system to reserve a room and customize their stay. We also included a small promotion area at the bottom of the hero image to advertise deals to save some money.

A large hero image at the top of the homepagewas a necessity for this hotel and resortwebsite. We really wanted to bring the website to life with amazing photography of the hotel, its grounds, and its accommodations. Planning a vacation is a huge committment, we wanted people to fall in love with Inn at Lost Creek instantly.


Once the design phase was completed, we began the implementation and development phase. We built the design into our content management system (CMS).The Site Management Console (SMC) allows our website developers to efficiently build apps and plug-ins that are integrated into the website.

The custom development portion of this project was fairly standard with a hotel website. The biggest piece of custom development was integrating Inn at Lost Creek's third party reservation system into the new website. We built this into the homepage and internal pages, so users would have constant access to booking a stay. Users could enter a start date and an end date, then be brought to the third party booking system to select options, special offerings, promotions, and even submit a down payment via credit card.

We also implemented a photo gallery into every internal page so that the admin of the website could be easily upload related images, emphasizing the Inn's beautiful photography.The basic plug-ins allows even non-technical users to easily update images and content on every page of the website.


Getting online conversions is the number one goal of every website design project. A responsive web design implemented on the SMC laid the foundation for Inn at Lost Creek to get better results on the web.

The website has given this hotel and resort a great marketing tool and, and so far they have done a great job of using it to its fullest potential. They have quality content throughout the site and have done a great job of keeping up to date with its beautiful photography.

This website should give them the tools to convert interested customers into confirmed vacationers, and keep them coming back for more. The design is appeasing to the eye and the content is informative and engaging. Customers can now access the site and reserve their stay while on the go from a tablet or smartphone--doesn't get much better than that.