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Theme Website Design for HOA

Theme website design provides great brand image and consistency for a resort/homeowners association (HOA) management firm.

Viceroy Snowmass approached us to build a theme and responsive website for Assay Hill Condominiums Home Owners' Association. This website will serve as a medium to supply home owners with information as well as related links for events going on around town. This theme website design will be easily replicated for other HOAs under the Viceroy Snowmass Umbrella. By using the same website design and content management system for all HOA websites, Viceroy Snowmass will maintain a high level of consistency for all of their property websites.

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Project Challenge

Assay Hill Lodge Condominium Association did not yet have a website to represent the home owner association's online presence. It wanted to launch a website that would portray an accurate image of what it was all about. The HOA also felt that the website could be used more effectively as a communication tool between the association management team and the homeowners. Even though we have done a handful of similar websites, we wanted to dive deeper into these challengs to discover a proper solution for this HOA website.


After meeting with the would-be website adminstrator of the HOA site, we discovered the key elements that were needed for an effective solution. We wanted to create a solution that would better portray the image of the Assay Hill Lodge and could be used as an easy communication tool. We also needed to create a solution that could be easily duplicated for other homeowner associations under the same management team. This discovery laid the groundwork for a theme website design with secure access for homeowners to access private information. The first step to success on the web is a great website design, so we setout to find a theme that would meet the client's needs.


When we setout for a hike in the ThemeForest to find a theme that would fit Assay Hill HOA's online requirments, we looked at the layout of the home page to determine what was important to have on it. It was also important to find a layout that would be optimized for tablet and smartphone views as the HOA wanted a responsive web design.

When we were looking for a theme we focused on the layout out the page, we wanted to make sure it provided ways to build in elements that would create an attractive design. We also made sure it incorporated all of the important content areas needed and would provide easy navigation to these areas for homeowners.

The main goal was to provide easy and secure access to important home owner information (board meeting agendas/minutes, financials, insurance, etc.) as well as easy navigation to related content for homeoweners and guests. The design included main navigation menu bar with mega navigation functionality. This would provide easy access to anywhere on the site, from anywhere on the site.

Once we selected a theme that would accomplish the project's initiatives, we tweaked it a bit to meet the HOA's branding requirements (color, images, and logo).


Once the theme adjustments were approved by the client, we began implementing the finished design templates into the Site Management Console (SMC), our content management system (CMS) of choice. The SMC allows our web developers the ability to efficiently build apps and plug-ins.

Development wise, this HOA website was fairly simple. The biggest item of custom website development for the website was implementing the secure access area for the homeowners. The HOA management company needed a secure way to distribute documents to homeowners via the website. Each homeowner would receive a username and password, which they would be prompted for when trying to access any secure content on the website.


Our main objective in this theme website desing project was to get the HOA situated online to get them started on achieving better results on the web. We implemented a theme design and built a custom solution around it that portrayed Assay Hill Lodge HOA as a quality and welcoming association. This also provided the HOA management company a great tool to help them better communicate with homeowners.