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Association Management Software  (AMS)

A great website for a homeowners association needs to be an asset to the home owners and the association management team. HOA websites are useful to help reduce printing, mailing, and administrative costs as well as providing residents with ultimate access to your neighborhood’s information. These sites also allow you to effectively communicate with residents by posting newsletters, meeting minutes, official documents and forms. Efficiency and accessibility are the main all round improvements the homeowners association will see with our site implementation.

If you have one of the following organizations, you may find our solution useful:
  • HOA community
  • Condo Associations
  • Master Association
  • Housing Co-op
  • Civic association
  • Lake association
  • Charitable gambling association
  • Sponsorship associations

AMS is Right for You and Your Association If…

  • Your current method of communication often leaves important information to get lost in the shuffle. Oftentimes, associations that do not use an association management software find it difficult to keep all of their members properly informed regarding any important information. This is because there is no form of centralized communication, outside of emailing or automated text messages. With AMS there is a centralized form of communication available to each member of the association right on the site. Including mass messaging, direct messaging, newsletters, and informative articles.
  • You’re dealing with time consuming processes. Our management software has everything from scheduling to accounting to reduce your organization's struggle with spending too much time having to do manual processes such as creating spreadsheets for scheduling or inputting the same information multiple times through multiple applications. Saving your members and employees time to focus on your organizations goals. 
  • Your members have expressed concern of not feeling involved. Don’t fall short of having a supportive and organized space for your members. Our modern AMS software is a secure space that allows your members to have password protected access to the information they need. They can make and receive payments with confidence, using the softwares secure accounting systems.
  • Your association struggles to manage fundraising. AMS is highly useful when it comes to managing your fundraising campaigns. It can manage donor data, set up monthly subscriptions, and send out automated reminders to encourage members to donate. 

Association Management Software: Lake Associations

According to a survey published by, most respondents agree or strongly agree that their associations face hurdles in becoming more engaged in lake conservation activities. In that same survey most members do not agree that their associations are authentically included in the lake planning process. A single software system that is tailored to meet a specific lake association's needs can, and will, improve in both of these problem areas. 

There are many benefits for lake associations to use our management system, such as, open lines of communication, online payments, violation tracking, event planning and scheduling, and so much more. It saves members the hassle of having to scroll platforms like facebook to find out information about their lake. Another negative of using a social media platform to engage with members, is that the association has little to no control over posts made on the page. A common struggle for lake associations is lack of communication with the DNR. With association management software, a direct pipeline can be created to increase communication between the DNR and members.

Examples of Our Work

The team at Five Technology built a custom Association Management Solution.  You can see some examples of our work below:

Website Design for Home Owners Association

Custom Web Design. A custom website design provides your HOA website with the flexibility you need to effectively brand the association. By having a professional graphic designer create your site from the ground up through wireframes and Photoshop designs, your HOA website will not only represent your brand, but will also set your design miles ahead of others in the industry. While a custom design is ideal if your budget allows for it, it is not always realistic when building association type websites. In these cases, a theme website design might be a more suitable option.

Theme website design. It is understandable that homeowner associations often do not have the budget to allow for a custom website design. In this case, we will use a theme website design, or a pre-designed site. With a theme website design, you are still able to achieve a lot of the requirements you believe necessary for the site. A theme may limit you in some aspects like layout and content areas, so it will be important to find a theme that fits these needs. Branding is always important, so we will pull in a designer to make the theme unique by adding your logo, creative images, and adjust the color scheme to match your brand.

Responsive Web Design for Hospitality Websites

Responsive web design. Residents need to be able to access the homeowner association website (and association related information/documents) anywhere, anytime, from any device. A responsive web design gives your website the ability to adapt to any device’s size screen. This removes the need for users to zoom in and out and scroll from each side to be able to read your content. Both custom and theme website designs can be made responsive.

Custom Website Development Boosts Website Functionality

Custom website development is essential for the online success of a homeowner association website. The great news is that association type websites typically do not need a lot of custom development. Here are the things that we have implemented in the past for these types of websites, but please keep in mind that each solution will need to be tailored to each association’s specific needs.

Easy Content Management.  The admin of a website needs to be able to easily manage and edit content on the site. This should include easy file uploads, page creation, image uploads, and content creation. Five Technology’s content 
management system (CMS) provides a user-friendly environment for even non-technical admins.

Secure Access/User Logins.  Secure access is an important feature for any homeowner association type website. Your admins should be able to easily add important documents (tax info, board meeting agendas, etc.) to pages behind a secure access gateway. They should also be able to easily create and manage user logins for residents accessing this information.

Blog/News Feed.  Keeping your residents up to date on the latest news in the association or even highlighting upcoming events in the area is very important. A blog can accomplish this news curation in an easy-to-use platform. In most cases, this could even replace an association newsletter; which will save time, paper, and hassle.

Agenda App.  Five Technology has developed and implemented a custom website application that makes creating, publishing, and sharing board meeting agendas and minutes easy. Create meeting agendas from a variety of templates based on the type of meeting, add items and subitems, then publish to the website for instant access. During the meeting, you can then access the agenda and add notes, comments, and amendments right from the app, then re-publish it for instant access to the meeting’s minutes by the residents. It even provides for video uploads, if the meetings were recorded. Save time, save paper, save money!

Content Management for HOA Website

Five Technology’s content management system, the Site Management Console, is a great solution for any HOA website. Website admins need easy accessibility to the backend of the website, and have control over all of its content.

Your website admin can easily be trained to manage and edit your HOA website through this content management system. There is no programming experience needed to make various content changes.

The SMC adds interactive and advanced functionality to your HOA website. Above all, it puts you and your admins in control.

What are the different communities that can use Association Management Software?

Lake Associations
Residents who reside on lakes need their own way of communicating formally to promote statewide advocacy to preserve and enhance lakes and rivers. Association Management Software will increase involvement and allow access to resources of communication between residents by creating association portals with access to all necessary information.

Condominium Associations
These associations determine community standards, sets budgets, and maintains and reserves common elements. Owners pay dues that take care of common elements, set rules and regulations and also are recommended to attend community meetings. All of which can be sorted and regulated through the association management software.

Homeowners Associations 
Homeowners associations use association management software to provide a secure information hub for the homeowners. Allows homeowners to arrange meetings through their HOA site. The management software also allows homeowners to make payments directly through the website. 

Why use secure website software over a social media platform?

Being able to have full control over content that is published to your website is one of the many pros of using a secure website over a social network. On social network pages like Facebook, any facebook user is allowed to comment on the association's thread which can create confusion and deception. An open social media platform is also at risk of scammers and bots, leading to potential misinformation. Having a secure site increases credibility, and is not flooded with unwanted content and ads. The members can control who is allowed access to certain features of the website by using secure usernames and passwords. Association management software positions the association as professional and put together.

What kind of support does Five Technology offer?

Five Technology uses support software that immediately becomes specific to you once you send in a support request. You will receive a task number and one of our team members will assist you when they become available.

Does the size of our association matter?

Nope! We will cater the website to the best of our abilities to fit the exact needs of your association, regardless of how big or small.

What is the backup process?

The backup process consists of backing up all websites nightly. This backup includes a copy of all website files and the website database. Backups are retained for 14 days. Individual files can be restored from any of the backup snapshots. In the event the database needs to be restored, the entire website will be reverted to the state it was at the time of the database backup. Backups are stored offsite.

Can we post surveys?

Yes! Surveys are a great way to gather information and receive feedback from the community and association. We can implement a survey feature to make it easy for the associations to collect process information. 

Can I access the website from my smartphone?

Five Technology uses responsive web design. Which equips all websites we develop to respond to different environments on different devices. This way you can access the information you need from anywhere.

Is my association management website secure?

Yes, the Five Technology team implements safety features into each of its sites to ensure all information is safe and secure.

Let Five Technology Help You With Your AMS Solution Today

Let Five Technology Help You With Your AMS Solution Today