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Project Management and Process

Initiating a custom website development project is a big commitment. Here's what you should expect when partnering with Five Technology on your next web development project:

  • Dedicated project manager for ongoing communication.
  • Project process to stay on track of every project.
  • Results!

Dedicated Project Manager

Communication between the Five Technology team and the client is a crucial for a successful website development project. Without it, frustration can set in, deadlines are not met, and the project gets bogged down with stress and anxiety.

We certainly don't want that anymore than you do, which is why we assign a dedicated project manager to coordinate between the client and our production team. It is critical that project managers initiate communication when important issues come up and always keep the client informed of anything going on.

The project manager will work with you and our development team to set a project timeline, including project milestones to break the project into smaller, easier to manage tasks. They will provide project updates, maintain on-going communication, and schedule meetings for any adjustments needed. It is the project manager's responsibility to set, manage, and maintain project expectations regarding budget, timeline, and final product.

For more detail on project management or the entire project process, please contact us today to talk about your new project.

Website Development Process

Website development projects focused on obtaining results require a stringent process in order to get the project done on time and on budget. Our goal is a website that you love, that leverages your website to its fullest potential, and improves business efficiency.

Development Consultation. The first step is to conduct a consultation with you and your team to try understand your vision. We start with wants and needs for website development, and venture into the latest trends or reference website ideas that could meet your requirements. While we will bring a lot of experience to this consultation in the form of recommendations, our goal is to listen for what is important to your business needs.

Wireframe and Flow Charts.  From that consultation we've typically gathered enough information to draw up a wireframe (basic illustrations) and/or some flow charts to diagram out the website development needs. The wireframe is a critical piece for both of us as it will provide a clear picture of the core elements needed for the project. We do expect a couple rounds of revisions as a part of this process, as their can be a slight disconnect between your vision and our interpretation of it.

Development.  Once we have a confirmed wireframe or flowchart, we move forward with implementing the project in the content management system (CMS). Our team develops the new functionality based on our conversations and drafts. We then go through a vigorous testing and quality assurance period to make sure the project meets your expectations. 

Approval.  Once the new functionality meets your expectations, we will ask for your approval in the form of a formal sign-off. We want to be sure what our team has delivered is exactly what you were expecting. Upon approval, the project is sent live.

If you would like a more in depth description of how Five Technology projects flow, visit project lifecycle.