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Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has created a craze in the social media world by creating an online community focused on "pinning" fantastic images and graphics that pose as gateways to great content. Pinterest launched it's beta version in 2010, but has continued to grow in popularity since then. It provides an easy-to-use platform for people to create and share image focused content for all types of categories including, but not limited to:  Animals, Education, Health & Fitness, Technology, Sports, Geek, Home Decor, and much more. Pinterest is for everyone, from a stay at home mom to a savvy entrepreneur, Pinterest has something beneficial for all users.

Pinterest Marketing

How are People Using Pinterest?

Sharing image-centric content has become very important in the online world. Images have had proven effectiveness for brands targeting consumers, and even consumers targeting other consumers. So much so, that a variety of image focused social media channels have popped up, Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr to name a few. Pinterest provides users media and quality content that is easy to create, share, and consume quick or at a later time. In a fast paced, over-saturated digital world this is a great platform for busy users.

Strategies for Successful Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a quickly evolving online community that provides great users to engage with for all types of companies and organizations. It provides amazing potential to interact with your customers on a whole nother level, as well as for them to interact with your brand. Make sure you are staying attentive to their comversations. They will use Pinterest to ask questions about brands, pose concerns, and even give you praise (if you're good).

There are plenty of ways to produce great content on Pinterest. Give your audience a peek behind the scenes of your company by posting images that showcase your operations. This will give your followers the sense that they really know your brand inside and out. If your business volunteers in the local community or helps out with fundraisers, showcase these efforts via Pinterest to give your audience a taste of the lighter side of your brand. Your customers are creating great content for you, whether you know it or not. Highlight customers that have used your product in unique ways. This will appeal to your audience's instinct to be acknowledged and accepted by brands. Most importantly, know as much as possible about your audience and your customers. This way you can continue giving them content that they are itching to see.

Pinterest is a site made for sharing content that users love, which means users need to be able to share your website to their Pinterest boards. Set your website up to be shared via Pinterest (and other social networks). Make sure that this functionality, which is typically a sharing button/icon, is easy to find and even easier to use. By having your Pinterest page linked with your website, users will also be able to go directly to your profile and see how the great content that you have pinned. Be sure to having some analytics and tracking incorporated into these features, so that you can track how well they are working (or if they need some work).